Twinning Programme

What the programme is about

The JEF Europe twinning programme belongs to a broader undergoing effort to bring Europe to the grassroots members of JEF. The strength of our organisation is our dynamism and European network. Let us make this added value of JEF a concrete reality for as many members as we can, regardless of their level of involvement within our vertical structure (local, national, European).

It will consist in bringing together local sections of JEF in privileged partnerships, meant to last and aimed at building a better knowledge of one another. It will be possible to include various activities, according to the sections’ sensibility, interests and capacity.

The value of this programme will be to function smoothly, be known, accessible and adaptable. This will require efforts from various levels of JEF to set it up, in order to make it a minimum burden in future, and a valuable asset for the organisation.

Find more information on the background and aims of the programme here.

If you have any questions about the programme, get in touch with us:

If your section is interested in joining, please fill out the form below

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