Numerous JEFers commit themselves every day to make Europe a better place, motivated by a profound belief that Europe is our common future.

They are young people that believe they can and will make a change in how the European Union develops.

They are European citizens that voluntarily spend their free time to keep the European dream alive, share it with others and make it a reality.

As federalists, they are convinced that only European democracy can enable a more free, just and democratic society and that European democracy is created and protected through active Citizenship.

We are convinced that Citizenship is not just something European citizens have, but also something they should DO. Nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the society we live in.

As a movement of young citizens, JEF only exists through the contributions of its volunteers. On this page, you can meet some of the people that willingly donate their free time to the struggle for a more democratic, just and free Europe.

Executive Board

The Executive Board (EB) comprises the President, two Vice-Presidents, four directly elected members, the Treasurer and the Secretary General.

Federal Committee

The Federal Committee (FC)  is the main decision-making body between the European Congresses, it meets twice per year and decides on the political directions of the organisation.

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European Secretariat

The European Secretariat is JEF’s public administration. The Secretary General is in charge of the European Secretariat of the association.

Arbitration Board

The Arbitration Board settles statutory conflicts between members, JEF sections and statutory bodies of JEF.

Auditors Committee

The Auditors Committee verifies the accounts of the association at least once a year. It is composed of at least two members and a maximum of three, elected by the Congress.

Executive Board

The Executive Board (EB) comprises the President, two Vice-Presidents, four directly elected members, the Treasurer and the Secretary-General.

The EB meets four to six times a year and is responsible for the overall management of the organisation. The EB members each hold specific 1) organisational, 2) geographic and 3) thematic/political responsibilities, which you can find below. They are always happy to answer to your questions so please feel free to contact them at [firstname].[lastname]

Executive Board Responsibilities

• Strengthening the organisational development of JEF Europe via specific portfolios.
• Coordination of the preparation of the international seminars together with the organising section and the Secretariat.
• Preparation of, assistance to and follow-up on the work of the PCs and/or WGs assigned and participation in the PC’s and WG’s sessions during the FC meeting.

• Ensuring regular contacts with sections, among others, by exchanging detailed contact details.
• Encouraging sections to take part in different activities and contribute to JEF Europe’s work.
• Visiting the sections or taking part in their statutory meetings or activities, if possible.

• Monitoring the policy areas assigned, writing articles on them and preparing press releases together with the Press responsible.
• Being the contact person for JEFers who have information on these policy areas or wish to discuss certain issues

Executive Board Members

Antonio Argenziano


Policies: Elections 2024, Treaty Change, European Electoral Act, EU Budget

Priorities: UEF, Civil Society Europe, Press and Advocacy, Taskforce Elections 2024

Projects: Next Chapter Europe,

Sections: Austria, Poland, United Kingdom

Contact Antonio

Christelle Savall


Policies: Rule of Law, Enlargement, Eurozone

Priorities: Democracy under Pressure, European Movement International, European Youth Forum, PC3 External affairs and Global Europe

Projects: Workplan 2022 on Human Rights, Worplan 2023 on Democracy

Sections: Albania, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Serbia, Sweden

Contact Christelle

Juuso Järviniemi


Policies: Youth, Banking Union, World Federalism, Health

Priorities: World Federalist Movement, The New Federalist, TF Capacity Building

Projects: Global Solutions for Global Problems, Federalist Academy

Sections: France, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine

Contact Juuso

Robin Mudry

Policies: Migration & Asylum, Culture & Education

Priorities: Finances, Friends of JEF, TF Sustainable and Resilient JEF, Database

Sections: Czechia, Hungary, Kosovo, Slovakia, Slovenia

Contact Robin

Helena Robert i Campos

Executive Board Member

Policies: Inclusion, Trade, Digital

Priorities: TF Empowerment and Diversity

Sections: Germany, Netherlands, Portugal

Contact Helena

Flavia-Gabriela Sandu

Executive Board Member

Policy: Climate Crisis & Environnement, Free Movement & Schengen, Social Policies

Priorities: Communications, PC2 Internal European Policy

Project: Sustainable Development Goals

Sections: Italy, Luxembourg, Malta

Contact Flavia

Knut André Sande

Executive Board Member

Policies: Security & Defence, Brexit

Priorities: Europe, what if ?, PC1 Institutions and Governance

Sections: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Switzerland

Contact Knut

Gergana Blazheva

Executive Board Member

Policies: Civic education, International Partnerships, Eastern Partnership

Project: Europe@Home

Priorities: TF Civic Education

Sections: Belgium, Denmark, Spain

Contact Gergana

Judit Lantai

Secretary General

Internal Priorities: General Administration, Human Resources, Project Management, Organisation of Statutory Meetings, JEF Pool of Trainers, Pimp My JEF, EYF WP2021, TF Civic Education

External Priorities: Civil Society Europe, Friends of JEF, European Youth Forum

Federal Committee

The Federal Committee (FC) meets twice a year and is responsible for formulating JEF resolutions policies. It is the main decision-making body between the European Congresses. The Federal Committee is mainly composed of one representative of each national section of JEF and 16 members elected directly by the Congress. This allows JEF to combine national representatives with directly elected European representatives united in one assembly (instead of 2 different chambers) – federalism in practice!

All FC members together are interacting with the Executive Bureau (EB) like a parliament interacts with a government and holds it accountable. Each of the 16 directly elected members of the FC is also responsible for one area of political or organisational activity being the (co-)chair of one of the Political Commissions or Task Forces respectively.

Structure of the Federal Committee

The Presidium consists of three members that are responsible for chairing the FC meetings and also coordinating and steering the work and activities of the Political Commissions and Task Forces in-between the FC meetings by providing input and distributing the tasks.

The national delegates are the representatives from the sections and they are responsible for bridging the European level with the national, regional and local levels by: transmitting information from JEF Europe to the sections & encouraging their own members to participate in the debates and other activities of JEF Europe.

These members are independent from sections and are responsible for making substantial contributions to the elaboration of political messages by submitting draft resolutions to the FC.

The Congress is the supreme body of JEF and represents all JEF members. You could consider the Congress as the representation of the citizens of JEF. It meets every two years. It is composed of delegates elected by JEF national sections. The congress elects most mandate holders of JEF (the President, the two Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, the members of the Executive Board, the directly elected members of the Federal Committee, the Arbitration Board and the Auditors Committee). The Congress also defines the political direction of JEF and its policies by discussing and formulating the Political Platform.

EB members are also part of the FC since they are holding voting rights, except for the Secretary-General.

According to the official Rules of Procedure, Observers are JEF members who are present at statutory meetings but not in the capacity of delegates and thus without a voting right. They consist of, among others, representatives from candidate sections. Observers with important organisational duties can ask the Presidium to be incorporated in the Google Group of the FC email list.

Members directly elected from the Congress

Emma Farrugia

Federal Committee Member

Emma is a member of the Federal Committee Presidium.

Contact Emma

Laura Gaißmaier

Federal Committee Member

Laura is a member of the Federal Committee Presidium

Contact Laura

Håvard Rørtveit

Federal Committee Member

Håvard is a member of the Federal Committee Presidium.

Contact Håvard

Annemarie Hertner

Federal Committee Member

Annemarie is Co-Chair of TF Civic Education.

Contact Annemarie

Kalojan Hoffmeister

Federal Committee Member

Kalojan is Co-Chair of Political Commission 1 (Institutions and Governance).

Contact Kalojan

Victor Lépine

Federal Committee Member

Victor is Co-Chair of TF Capacity Building.

Contact Victor

Kati Systä

Federal Committee Member

Kati is Co-Chair of TF Empowerment and Diversity.

Contact Kati

Pauline Laloux

Federal Committee Member

Pauline is Co-Chair of TF Civic Education.

Contact Pauline

Riccardo Moschetti

Federal Committee Member

Riccardo is Co-Chair of Political Commission 3 (External Affairs and Global Governance).

Contact Riccardo

Xesc Mainzer

Federal Committee Member

Xesc is Co-Chair of TF Empowerment & Diversity

Contact Xesc

Guillaume Kayser

Federal Committee Member

Guillaume is Co-Chair of Political Commission 2 (Internal European Affairs).

Contact Guillaume

Marie Pouliquen

Federal Committee Member

Marie is Co-Chair of TF Green Transition.

Contact Marie

Moritz Schleicher

Federal Committee Member

Moritz is Co-Chair of TF Green Transition.

Contact Olav

Max Nordin

Federal Committee Member

Max Nordin is Co-Chair of TF Capacity-Building.

Contact Max

Camilla Brizzi

Federal Committee Member

Camilla is Co-Chair of Political Commission 2 (Internal European Affairs).

Contact Camilla

Filippo Pasquali

Federal Committee Member

Filippo is Co-Chair of Political Commission 1 (Institutions & Governance).

Contact Filippo

European Secretariat

The European Secretariat is JEF’s public administration. The Secretary General is in charge of the European Secretariat of the association. S/he is responsible for relations with the sections of JEF Europe and the coordination of their activities. S/he is appointed by the Executive Board and ratified by the Federal Committee for a term of two years.

Judit Lantai

Secretary General

Contact Judit
Antonio Argenziano


Antonio comes from Avellino (Italy) and studied in Rome, where he graduated in Modern History. His federalist engagement started from the local level in Rome and he got to the national one, where he served as National Treasurer and then as JEF Italy Secretary General. Professionally, once finished his studies, Antonio worked as Public Affairs Manager at Euractiv Italy and then as Political and Strategic Communication Consultant.

He was elected President of JEF Europe in November 2021 and started his full time mandate from January 2022. He works mainly on policy and advocacy, in order to boost JEF proposals and campaigns and to push as much as possible to finally get to a European Federation.

He chairs the JEF Executive Board and in the Secretariat works mostly with the Policy and Communication team.

Contact Antonio
Michal Rybacki

Policy Officer

Michał was born in Poland and joined JEF Europe’s Secretariat after interning at the European Parliament and NATO as well as promoting human rights and youth civic engagement with several NGOs. Holding Master’s degrees in International Relations and Peace & Conflict Studies, he considers European integration the most successful peacebuilding process in history and is committed to taking it to the next level.

Contact Michal
Mirjam de Jong

Project assistant

Mirjam was born in the Netherlands. She holds an M.Sc. degree in Human Geography, as well as in Human Rights and Diplomacy. It was during her first Master’s degree when studying conflicts based on territories that she developed an interest in looking beyond national borders in Europe. Especially her time spent on the island of Ireland during the Brexit negotiations in 2018 made her realise the importance of strong cooperation on an international level for peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

After working on internships at UNICEF Netherlands, the UN office in Geneva, and a project management traineeship focussed on sustainable energy in Brussels, she joined the JEF Europe team in October 2021 and is currently assisting with work related to the running of various different projects within the Secretariat.

Contact Mirjam
Ana Figueras

Communication Assistant

Ana was born in Barcelona, Spain. She graduated with a degree in Journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and did several courses in corporate communication and social media. During her studies she did different internships and volunteer work related to communication in different organizations.

Contact Ana
Andrew Micallef

Membership Officer

Andrew was born in Malta and joined JEF Europe’s Secretariat after being involved in JEF at a local level in Malta since 2017. He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and is currently finishing off his Master of Arts in European Politics, Economics and Law degree. He considers federalism as the key to a more democratic and effective Europe which is able to tackle global challenges more efficiently. Andrew is working on engaging and and supporting JEF Europe’s sections.

Contact Andrew
Inês Consonni

Project Officer

Contact Inês
Pierre Louwerse

Finance and Administration Officer

Pierre was born in France. He obtained two master degrees related to finance and accounting, during which he spent a semester in India. Once he graduated, Pierre worked as financial controller and accountant for several companies both in France and Belgium. He considers european integration as the best way to ensure the sovereignty of its members and to defend their democratic values in the 21st century

Contact Pierre

Arbitration Board

The Arbitration Board settles statutory conflicts between members, JEF sections and statutory bodies of JEF. Its five members elected by the Congress take their decisions by simple majority. The entire Arbitration Board can be reached on: arbitration(at)

Maija Maunu

Leonie Martin

Sebastiano Putoto

Ophelie Omnes

Gerhard Soyka

Auditors Committee

The Auditors Committee verifies the accounts of the association at least once a year. It is composed of at least two members and a maximum of three, elected by the Congress. You can contact them at auditors(at)

Emilia Chehtova

Patrick L. von Wildenradt

Germain Jacquinot

Permanent Contact Persons

The Permanent Contact Persons are dedicated to ensuring safety and feeling of safety across the association and can be contacted online at any time.
Kati Systä (, Ophélie Omnes ( and Julius Lajtha ( can be contacted through email or the anonymous form below should you wish to contact them anonymously.

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