JEF Presents: Federalist Academy


We are the Young European Federalists. But what is (European) federalism? In 2022, the Federalist Academy will deepen your understanding of federalist thinking.

We have three initiatives in store for you: an open online course on federalism, a Federalist Academy seminar in Prague, and an online library on federalism that we will build together along the way. This page is your hub for all the Federalist Academy resources!

Federalist Academy: Open online course

Throughout the year, JEF-Europe will host a series of thematic webinars on federalism. From history to political science, political philosophy and beyond, this open course will introduce you to the concept of federalism, and to applications of the idea at the European and global levels.

The series consists of sessions hosted by academic experts, and of interactive tutorial discussions hosted by federalist activists. Each 90-minute session is advertised as a separate event: you can join as many as you wish. However, if you join at least 75% of the sessions, you will receive a certificate of completing the course. The tutorial sessions are optional, and attendance at tutorials is not calculated into your attendance rate.

There are no required readings for the course, although speakers for individual sessions may suggest optional resources for further reading to deepen your knowledge. Ahead of the optional tutorials, you will have a chance to consider reflection questions related to the themes of the sessions: during the tutorials, you can share your thoughts with other participants.

The calendar of sessions is the following:

  • 12 April at 6:30pm CEST: Federalism in practice: Federal systems of the world with Óliver Soto, Associate Professor at Complutense University of Madrid (Zoom link)
  • 19 April at 6:30pm CEST: What is federalism? History of federalist thinking with Tommaso Visone, Adjuct Professor at Sapienza University of Rome (Zoom link)
  • 22 April at 6:30pm CEST: Tutorial discussion about the first two sessions (Zoom link)
  • 10 May at 6:30pm CEST: Federalism at European level: Visions of a federal Europe with Tommaso Visone, Adjuct Professor at Sapienza University of Rome (Zoom link)
  • 26 May at 6:30pm CEST: Alternative perspectives on a federal Europe with Visnja Vukov, Assistant Professor at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona (Zoom link)
  • 2 June at 6:30pm CEST: Tutorial discussion about the previous two sessions (Zoom link)
  • 6 June at 6:30pm CEST: State of the Union: Is the EU a federation? with Olivier Costa, Director of the Department of European Political and Governance Studies at the College of Europe (Zoom link)
  • 13 June at 6:30pm CEST: From currency union to a federal union? Federalism and the euro with Diane Fromage, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellow at Sciences Po Paris (Zoom link)
  • 22 June at 6:30pm CEST: Tutorial discussion about the previous two sessions – end of the Spring season (Zoom link)

The series will continue in the autumn with the following sessions – the dates and the speakers are announced in due course:

  • Federalism at global level: Visions of a world federation
  • Regional integration outside Europe: Following the federalist model?
  • Tutorial discussion
  • Federalism on the streets: European federalist organisations since WWII
  • Being a federalist: A personal testimony
  • Federalism as a way to tackle 21st-century problems
  • Tutorial discussion & conclusion of the course


Federalist Academy: Online library

Throughout the year, JEF-Europe will assemble materials for an online library on federalism, including European and world federalism. The library will be accessible to JEF members, and to participants on the open online course.

We are open to your suggestions for resources to be added to the library. To suggest useful reading materials, videos and other resources, you can contact the JEF-Europe Treasurer Robin Mudry at


Federalist Academy: Seminar in Prague

An in-person seminar in Prague in the late autumn of 2022 will build on other Federalist Academy activities held throughout the year. The seminar will consolidate your understanding of federalism, and deepen your inspiration to join federalist campaign actions.

Participation in other Federalist Academy activities is not required in order to join the in-person seminar. Further information about the seminar, as well as the call for participants, will be published in due course.

If you have any question, feel free to contact:

Juuso Järviniemi, Vice-President

Robin Mudry, Treasurer

Helena Robert i Campos, Executive Board Member

Lorène Weber, Membership Officer

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