Sections' Initiatives

European Benches (JEF Italy)

History of the project

The project was conceived as a response to the vandalization with Nazi symbols of a European bench realized in Lecco in the month of July 2021. Following this episode, a group of JEFers from the local section created a fundraiser with the aim of buying the necessary material to fix the bench in Lecco.

Following the success of the fundraiser, the initiative of creating local European benches has been expanded to JEF sections all over Italy.

Why a bench?

It’s a meeting place, a place of social gathering, for everyone, regardless of sex, age, religion, or cultural affiliation A symbol of the community and of everyday life.

Do you wish to create a European bench in your town? Check out the infokits!

If you have created a European bench, don’t hesitate to contact us, so that we can add your town to our map!

European City Label (JEF France)

This Label aims to encourage future local politicians to engage in concrete actions to promote European citizenship in the territories. It offers a simple evaluation of these actions in favor of Europe and wants to make visible the good practices of the municipalities thanks to a 100% citizen labelling.

With 5 levels of performance, the Label is designed for all French municipalities, whatever their size, budget or geographical location. The first level of performance (flags on municipal buildings, dedicated signage for local projects funded by the European Union, organization of one public event per year) is immediately accessible to French municipalities and does not involve major budgetary expenditure.

European of the Year (JEF Norway) and Young European of the Year (JEF Finland)

JEF Norway has been awarding the prize of the European of the Year since 1994 to highlight the committment of a person or an entity for Europe in Norway. Former recipients include Jens Stoltenberg (2003) or Eva Joly (2009).

The 2022 prize was awarded to Ukraine “for protecting European values and democracy during trying times, while taking the brave steps closer to the European family. By doing this, Ukraine has paved the path for other countries to join, including Norway”.

Every year on Europe Day (9th of May)  JEF Finland rewards a young European who has worked to advance European values and has actively and constructively participated in European dialogue.


Flavia-Gabriela Sandu

Executive Board member

Young European Federalists

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