Throughout 2022, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our rebirrth all over Europe: from Luxembourg where all started in 1972 to the march for Europe in Strasbourg, from Prague to Brussels. The time capsule has been travelling with us and is now waiting to be reopened by future JEFers! 

Happy Birthday JEF! To another 50 years!

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Time capsule

What is inside the time capsule? Inside, we leaft timeless items that would best testimony what our Europe and JEF looked like in 2022! We have letters from JEFers of today, a letter from the current Board to the Board of the Future, physical photos from JEF through the years, important newspapers from 2022, a map of Europe in 2022, a crocodile toy (homage to the historic Crocodile club), and a memory stick with videos, wishes, etc.

When will it be open? The big capsule will be opened in 10 years, but there will also be a small box inside, which will represent a second time capsule and it will be opened in 50 years.

Where will it be stored and who will be able to open it? The capsule will be stored at the Secretariat. Only the Presidents will have the keys, because they’ll receive them as part of their inauguration ceremonies. However, only the President of 2032 will be able to open it. The capsule will be completely sealed and no one will be permitted to open it! The 50 year capsule will be opened at our 100 anniversary!

What is JEF for you?

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50 years of JEF, 10 European election campaigns!

 The direct election of the European Parliament was a major victory for the federalists. We have come a long way over the course of 10 elections and the European Parliament is more powerful now than the appointed assembly it was at the beginning of the European construction. The European Union is more democratic and closer to a federation than when it was founded. Still, a lot of work is needed to make European elections truly European and the European Union fully democratic.

Read more about JEF work in past elections to build a federal future!

This book chapter will be featured in the Ten Elections publication, facilitated by the Jean Monnet House of the European Parliament in joint cooperation with the European Observatory on Memories (EUROM), and will be published by the start of spring 2024.

Where will JEF be in 50 years?

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Our alumni left some memories and wishes for us!

Leonie Martin, President of JEF Europe 2019-21
Juuso Järviniemi, Vice President of JEF Europe 2021-23
Antonio Argenziano, President of JEF Europe 2021-23
Philippe Adriaenssens, President of JEF Europe 2009-2011

Flavia Sandu, Board Member of JEF Europe 2021-23

Are you a JEF alumni?

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