Be a Federalist Ally is an anti-racism campaign that highlights JEF’s support for the Black Lives Matter movement and aims at giving concrete tools for how JEFers and Europeans can be more inclusive in JEF activities and their daily lives. 

Campaign schedule:

The official campaign launch took place on the 14th of July 2020 and the campaign is spanning for four weeks between July-August 2020. The campaign itself is divided into five parts, with different weeks focusing on different questions and actions.

Part 1: What is “Be a Federalist Ally?”

  • Campaign launch with general information (read more in the relevant press release)
  • Goal: To gather an audience and form a base for the campaign and upcoming weeks

Part 2: What is privilege? Observe. Understand.

  • Discussing the idea of privilege
  • Goal: To raise awareness on white privilege and how our societies and structures support it

Part 3: How to educate oneself? Read. Listen. Watch. Learn.

  • Sharing materials that all of us can consume in order to learn more about the issues caused by racism, privilege and discrimination
  • Goal: To show that learning doesn’t always have to be academic, but can be informal or come from non-traditional sources, such as Netflix

Part 4: How can an individual make a difference? Act.

  • Presenting ideas on what one can do to make a difference
  • Goal: To show that there are numerous ways to support anti-racism and that gestures can range from small to major

Part 5: How can we make a difference together? Ally. Unite.

  • Sharing tips from sections & individual JEFers on how to be anti-racist
  • Sharing the results of the DIVE project
  • Goal: To challenge sections to make anti-racism a part of their federalist agenda

You can join us in this important campaign by following us on social media and checking out recommended actions. Take part in the discussion and remember to use the hashtag #BeAFederalistAlly!

More information on the campaign:

Karoliina Rajala, Communication Officer, karoliina.rajala@jef.eu

Hanna Kivimäki, Executive Board Membeer, hanna.kivimaki@jef.eu

Ophélie Omnes, Co-Chair of Task Force Empowerment & Diversity, jef.ophelieomnes@gmail.com