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we are the sections of the Netherlands, we have currently around two active regional sections. Our most active section is seated in Maastricht, a historical and important place for European history (Maastricht treaty). Our second regional section is placed in Enschede right next to the Dutch-German border. We are currently planning to introduce a third section, namely the section of JEF Holland, which is a big province in the west of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands are quite an enthusiastic supporter of the EU. Not only are the inhabitants usually quite fluent in English, but are also open to any foreigners as the Netherlands are usually stamped to have a very liberal society. In turns of how integrative the Netherlands are in the European context, one could say that they are fairly reluctant in certain circumstances on how much sovereignty they willing to withdraw to the EU (EU constitutional referendum 2005, Dutch Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement referendum 2016).

However, the Dutch are one of the most supportive EU members in terms of how democracy should be lived and build integrated partnerships with European neighbors as they show with Germany or Belgium in the border regions (Euregio)

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