JEF Spain, organised as a federation of regional non-partisan youth organisations, is the Spanish branch of the Young European Federalists. Currently active in 6 regions, it gathers more than two hundred members who are keen on promoting the idea of a Federal Europe as the best tool for Europeans’ wellbeing.

JEF Spain does that through the celebration of debates, seminars, social events and public awareness campaigns such as ‘Europe at School’.

Antonio Lopez Carro

Secretary General

Alex Fernandez Pawlukojc

Responsible of Treasury and Technology

Maria Martinez Lopez

Vicepresident, responsible of Communication and support to the sections

Beatriz Garcia-Marina

Responsible of Communication and International Relations

Victor Lloret Notivoli

Responsible of Formation

Joaquim Candel

International Officer & Responsible of European Projects

Marcos Lopez Aragon

Responsible of Advocacy and Organisation

Marcos Dura Gimeno

Responsible of Campaigns and Participation


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