Call for JEF sections to host the

Spring 2024 Federal Committee Meeting

The Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) are proud to open the call for JEF national sections to host the Spring 2024 Federal Committee Meeting!

We are looking for a motivated JEF section interested in hosting our Federal Committee meeting (2 days) in April 2024. This Spring FC will be the last JEF Europe statutory meeting before the 2024 European Parliament elections, so it is foreseen that activities surrounding this will also take place during the FC, making it a great opportunity for your section to boost election awareness! 

The following characteristics are of fundamental importance:

  • The hosting city should be relatively well connected to most parts of Europe;
  • A dedicated team of minimum 4-5 JEF activists on spot who will assist the European Secretariat with logistical matters (e.g. venue, accommodation, public transportation, materials…);
  • Motivation and dedication to search for additional local/regional/national co-funding.

If your section is interested in hosting the FC, you can send your proposal to our Secretary General at by 5th March 2023. The final proposal should contain:

  • The reasons why you wish to host the FC meeting; 
  • The name and price (estimate, ideally a quotation) of at least three potential venues, accommodations and restaurants that could host between 80 and 100 people; 
  • A list of travel options (how to reach the host city from different corners of Europe), including public transportation on site; 
  • Options for co-funding on the local/regional/national level; 
  • Provisional budget.

The deadline to submit your application is 5th March 2023. Your section will be able to present your bid at the 2023 Spring FC in Malta (17th-19th March).

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Judit (, and Andrew ( for any clarifications and/or questions.