Call for junior and senior trainers

Co- operation Youth Vote - Capacity Building Trainings 

in Lisbon and Sofia 

& online crash courses 

Lisbon, Portugal | 25-28 November 2022

Sofia, Bulgaria | February 2023 (date tbc)

Series of Online Crash Courses | March - April 2023

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OBESSU, Young Educators and JEF Europe are looking for junior and senior non-formal education trainers to facilitate a series of training activities supported by the European Commision.

You can apply for one or multiple training opportunities in this call (see the application form).

About COYV

The project ‘Co-operation Youth vote: Enabling future active European citizens’ aims to offer a space for training in the preparation of the 2024 European Parliament election campaigns.

The project will prepare a set of outputs that the partner organisations and a wider network can use for the coming European Parliament elections in 2024 ensuring young people will vote, but also to make politicians accountable for their promises and decisions.

About the Portugal training
The first training for multipliers will take place in Lisbon from 25-28 November 2022. It will last 4 days and bring together 30 young Europeans from partner organisations with experience in the field of non-formal education and having been involved in voting initiatives for EP elections in the past.

This training is one of the main educational activities of the project as it will allow the participants to develop their skills and knowledge in European civic education as well as to design the tools of the VOTING toolbox. 

The outcomes of the activity will be the following:

  • A first draft of the Youth Voting Toolbox
  • Exchange of good practices and experiences focusing on increasing the participation rate of young people at different levels. 

About the Sofia training

The second training will consist of a capacity building activity for multipliers in the form of a 4-day training course that will bring 30 participants from the partnership together in Sofia. During this activity the participants will have the opportunity to develop their action plans, and plan the follow up activities. 

The outcomes of the activity will be:

  • Finalising the Youth Voting Toolbox
  • Creation of Action Plans for the local events and activities 
  • Capacity building and increasing knowledge on how to motivate young people to vote in EU elections 

About the series of Online Crash Courses 

Part 1: European Civic Education, what is it?

The first online crash course will focus on European civic education activities offline and online through the non-formal education approach and method. It will take place in March and will consist of 4×1 hour of online sessions. 

The aim of the first online crash course is to develop the skills and knowledge of young people and youth workers in European civic education through the Europe@School programme focusing on European elections.

Part 2: Communication and online dissemination

The second online course will focus on Communication and online dissemination.  It will take place in April and will consist of 4×1 hour of online sessions. 

Furthermore, this activity will opt to disseminate information, toolkits and best practices for young people and youth organisations, which can empower young people with the necessary tools required to communicate, disseminate and lead digital campaigns of their own related to European elections.

Selection criteria for trainers

  • Experience in implementing and facilitating activities using non-formal methodologies.
  • Ability to contribute to work in an intercultural team.
  • Willingness to lead the pedagogical process and mentor the junior trainer(s) (for senior trainers).
  • Willingness to learn while working in a team led by a senior trainer (for junior trainers).
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English.
  • Expertise in, or knowledge of, one or more of the following areas: 
    • Facilitating the process of creating Toolkits
    • Youth participation
    • Community engagement 
    • EU system and voting
    • European civic education (with focus on schools)
    • Campaign building and advocacy
  • Priority in the recruitment will be given to the current members of JEF Europe, OBESSU and Young Educators’ Pool of Trainers.

Responsibilities of the trainer

  • Get familiar with the project.
  • Attend online preparatory meetings with the organisers.
  • Prepare session outlines well in advance and facilitate online sessions using non-formal education techniques.
  • Conduct an evaluation with the coordinator during the training and a final evaluation after the event.
  • Prepare a final report 15 days after the training at the latest.

Contract conditions

  • The trainer fee for the junior trainer is €60 per working day
  • The trainer fee for the senior trainer is €100 per working day 
  • The Portugal training takes 7 working day per trainer
  • The Sofia training includes 7 working days per trainer
  • The online crash courses include 4 working days each set of courses
  • Online platform access and tools will be provided by the organisers if needed.
  • Accommodation, food and travel costs will be covered for the in-person events. 
  • The trainer fee will be paid after the completion of the service and upon the presentation of an invoice by the trainer. 

How to apply?

Please apply by completing the application form: APPLICATION FORM

The deadline to apply is 25th of October COB,  and all applicants will be contacted by October 28. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to