Call for participants


Digital Rights International Seminar

(20-23 September, Tallinn, Estonia)

The DIRECT project, led by JEF Spain with JEF Europe as its partner, is an Erasmus+ funded project with the goal of enhancing digital skills and competence development among young people aged 16 to 35.

Aligned with the strategic priorities of the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027), the DIRECT project aims to empower young individuals to comprehend and implement digital rights regulations in their everyday lives. This objective is a response to the European Commission’s call for a declaration of digital rights and principles to guide the digital transformation in the EU.

To achieve its mission, the project involves pro-European youth associations, intending to engage young people from more than 32 countries, reaching a participant base of over 12,000 individuals. By creating a platform for debate and learning, the project empowers young people to actively shape digital principles that promote a human-centered, inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable digital society, upholding European values.

Digital Rights International Seminar

The project consortium is now organising a three-day international capacity-building seminar in Estonia, which will bring together 20 young people from different EU member states to learn about Digital Rights and Principles. The online platform created prior to the meeting will be shown and promoted during this workshop, which will give young people the opportunity to get used to the format of training. The main focus will be on a blended non-formal educational approach and will aim to motivate and educate young people.

The international seminar will be followed by local follow-up activities, organised by the participants of the training, who will be given tools and ideas, as well as time to work on preparing their own local actions, which will be funded by this project. 

By the end of seminar participants will: 

  • better understand digital rights with the help of the website and the tools created within the project,
  • become digital agents, who are able to disseminate the outcomes of the project in their environment with the support of a network behind them.

Registration and attendance

Please complete this webform to apply to be a participant for these training sessions until the 13th of August, you will receive a confirmation via email if you have been selected by the 21th of August at the latest, together with the travel reimbursement guidelines and other useful information regarding your stay in Tallinn.

Please know we have limited spots available for these training sessions.

The organisers will be responsible to provide accommodation and meals during the days of the training sessions, as well as reimburse your travels within an established limit.

Any other expenses will not be reimbursed or covered.

If you have any questions regarding this call please contact