Call for participants: International Seminar

European Democratic Academy: Federalism in Theory and Practice

The Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) is organising an international seminar “European Democratic Academy: Federalism in Theory and Practice” between 9-13 November 2022 in Prague, Czechia. The event is co-funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and is part of the CoE’s campaign “Democracy Here | Democracy Now” aimed at revitalising European democracy.

About the Academy

Democracy constantly needs fresh ideas to redefine itself and better respond to contemporary challenges. While traditionally it has been associated with state, regional and local politics, the process of European integration and the emergence of European institutions has given birth to democracy at the continental level. Federalism and pan-European democracy are among the approaches we can take to tackle modern-day challenges such as armed conflicts, economic instability, climate change, pandemics, digitalisation and migration. 

The international seminar “European Democratic Academy” aims to explore the theory and practice of European federalism and democracy, equipping a group of 20 activists with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for advocating for a democratic European federation.

The Academy is preceded by a series of webinars dedicated to European democracy and federalism and will be followed-up by advocacy actions implemented in 10 countries coupled with an online communication campaign. In parallel, an online library is provided to all project participants interested in learning more about the theory of European federalism and democracy.


Some parts of the Academy will take place in parallel to JEF Europe’s Federal Committee, giving the participants an opportunity to follow and contribute to federalist policy formulation in practice.

The content of the programme may be subject to non-substantial change. Coffee breaks and meals will be provided in between sessions. 

Tuesday, 8 November
After 18:00 Participants arriving and checking-in
Wednesday, 9 November
09:00–10:30 Introductory presentations and icebreaker
11:00–12:30 History of European integration and federalism
14:30–16:00 The history of an idea: from a “Europe of nations” to federalism
16:30–18:00 European democracy and federalism: arguments and counterarguments
20:00–… Evening activity
Thursday, 10 November
09:00–10:30 The idea of democracy: the promise of a better society
11:00–12:30 Democracy under pressure: challenges and risks
14:30–16:00 Forecasting future scenarios of European integration and European democracy
20:00–… Evening activity
Friday, 11 November
09:00–10:30  Federalism, intersectionality and inclusion
11:00–12:30 Federalist street actions and direct outreach: DOs and DON’Ts 
14:30–16:00 Accessible and constructive political communication
16:30–18:00 Creative political advocacy
18:30–… Political debate
Saturday, 12 November
09:00–10:30  European democratic advocacy in practice: developing political positions (with JEF’s Federal Committee)
11:00 – 12:30
14:30–16:00 Developing advocacy plans for political positions
20:00–… JEF’s 50th anniversary celebration closure
Sunday, 13 November
09:00–10:30 Presentation and feedback session on the advocacy plans; evaluation and closing
11:00–12:30 European democratic advocacy in practice: adopting political positions (with JEF’s Federal Committee)
After 13:00 Participants departing

Profile of the participant

  • Resident of a Member State of the Council of Europe, Kosovo, Belarus or Russia.
  • Able to communicate fluently in English.
  • 18 – 30 years old.
  • Interested in European federalism, European integration and democracy.
  • Available to attend all training sessions between 9-13 November 2023.
  • Committed to implementing an advocacy action as a follow-up of the Academy in coordination with JEF Europe.
  • Being a JEF member and/or having participated in JEF Europe’s Federalist Academy webinars is an asset.

What we offer

  • A full five-day international seminar exploring both theory and practice of European federalism, integration and democracy.
  • A networking opportunity with students, young professionals and academics working on European history and integration.
  • A certificate of participation.
  • Accommodation and meals provided for the duration of the seminar.
  • An opportunity to enjoy evening cultural activities in Prague.
  • Travel cost reimbursement up to €250 per person.

Fee and reimbursements

  • The participation fee is €50 euros covering all on-site expenses. 
  • In your application, you may apply for a full fee exemption as part of our Solidarity Fund aiming to support people from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. As this opportunity is only available for a few participants, please be very specific about your reasons when applying for It.
  • The travel reimbursement will be made after the event once we have received all relevant tickets and receipts (by email and sent by post to our office). Having participated in all core sessions of the Academy (Wednesday-Saturday 9:00-18:00, Sunday 9:00-12:30) is a precondition for the reimbursement, unless you can duly justify your partial absence.

How to apply?

Please fill in the application form by 29 September 2022 23:59 CET.

Contact person:

Michal Rybacki

Young European Federalists

Rue d’Arlon 53, 1040 Brussels