Call for Participating Sections Next Generation JEF

Re-granting Scheme for Sections

Dear sections,

After the success of the Next Generation JEF re-granting scheme in 2023, we will be launching the scheme again for 2024. The scheme is made possible through the CERV programme of the European Commission, as part of the yearly operational grant JEF Europe receives thanks to the programme.

➡️  What is Next Generation JEF?

The objectives of the Next Generation JEF re-granting scheme are to support JEF Europe’s grassroots by awarding grants that would enable JEF’s sections to implement actions in their respective member states, tailored to their specific needs within their local context. Sections will be required to tackle intersectional barriers through their proposed action, in order to further diversify JEF Europe’s membership, ensuring that more social groups are better represented across the JEF network. By empowering young JEF activists locally, the scheme ultimately aims to help bring their ideas to a European level. 

The actions are supposed to contribute to at least one of the following impact areas:

– strengthened capacity to protect and promote EU rights and values;

– more supportive environment for CSOs and rights defenders such as national human rights institutions;

– better developed advocacy and watchdog role of CSOs;

– increased involvement of CSOs in policy- and decision-making processes with local, regional, and national governments;

– increased citizen awareness of EU rights and values;

– strengthened regional cooperation within civil society.

Through a series of training sessions in April and May, the scheme also aims to guide and help sections to implement their proposed actions, and to strengthen their skills and abilities.

➡️ How does it work?

Through the Next Generation JEF re-granting scheme, your section can apply for funding from €500 to up to €5000 to implement your action, of course depending on your section’s needs and capacity. It will not be possible to apply for more funding under Next Generation JEF if your application is approved. Please also ensure to be realistic and responsible with the total amount you apply for.

You can propose any kind of action with any particular theme and for any duration as you wish, as long as it fits within the impact areas shared above, JEF Europe’s vision and goals and especially if it targets issues and events relevant for the network, such as the upcoming European Elections or JEF Europe’s Democracy Under Pressure campaign. You have the freedom to apply with an action that reflects specific issues you face within your member state

Combating intersectional barriers: This is intrinsically linked to your participation in the scheme. JEF Europe aims at ensuring full access and participation for all young people, reflecting the basic right of everyone to be heard. Therefore your section will be asked to consider the inclusiveness of your planned action, as well how it will help the improvement of tackling intersectional barriers in the internal structures of your section. Click here for more information on how you can adopt an intersectional approach through your action. 

Defining your needs through a SWOT analysis: After filling out a SWOT analysis in the Application Form below, your section’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will be analysed. This will help us understand your needs and lay the basis for further guidance.

Developing competences through webinars on selected topics: The Secretariat and invited experts on the specific topics will organise webinars on the following topics for all sections, even those not selected for the grant. These are meant to improve the essential skills needed for the smooth running of your section and your planned action, and also to develop new competences in a range of topics that fits your needs and expectations: 

  1. Financial and Project Management

How can we organise projects and events in order to reach our goals? How can we prepare a budget and manage our funding effectively? 

  1. Public Relations & Communications 

How to market our planned actions in order to ensure maximum engagement? How do we use social media tools to help us do this? 

  1. Membership Recruitment  & Intersectional Approach

How can we grow our section? How can we combat intersectional barriers in our section and in our actions?

➡️  Application and selection process

National sections, regional sections and local sections, as well as candidate sections of JEF Europe can apply, as long as they are registered legal entities in their member state. If you’re a local or regional section interested in benefiting from the scheme, please make sure to inform your national section first before applying. Applications are only open for sections located inside the European Union due to the rules of funding of the grant from the European Commission. 

To apply, please fill the Application Form.

When filling in the application form linked above, you will need to describe your proposed action, fill in the SWOT analysis, and mention what intersectional barriers you aim to target and how, and also submit an estimated budget in spreadsheet format (the template can be found here). Kindly ensure to be realistic in your budget and to keep your section’s capacity and ongoing activities in mind. If you’re applying to hold just one event under the grant for example, please make sure it’s proportional to the amount of funding you’re applying for and vice versa. Beware particularly of potential issues with double funding (i.e. applying to host an event under Next Generation JEF which is already co-funded by the EU Commission). 

A Board of Advisors, specifically selected for this scheme, will then choose a total of 10 sections, based on needs and motivation that will benefit the most from this programme. We will then ask you to sign an Implementation Agreement and pre-pay part of the grant. 

After your action, you will need to send us your invoices for all expenses incurred via post and submit an Activity & Financial report, where you will have to provide detailed descriptions of the actions implemented, supplemented by the necessary evidence such as photos, screenshots of the communications for the event as well as tangible proof of each action’s impact on removing intersectional barriers. After this process, we can then calculate your final grant. (e.g. you applied for €500 but only spend €300, we will not provide you with further funding than what was spent or what you have supporting documents for). It is therefore important to keep all your invoices and be as realistic as possible when proposing your action.

➡️ Timeline

An information session on Next Generation JEF will take place on 18th January 2024, where the scheme will be presented to interested applicants and where they will have the opportunity to ask any questions. You can join the meeting via this link to a Zoom call. The deadline to apply is 3rd March 2024 and your section will receive a reply by 12th March 2024 the latest. The action can start right after your section receives the confirmation from JEF Europe in order to facilitate timely implementation, but its full implementation and the receipt of the grant is tied to the signing of the Implementation Agreement.

The training sessions will take place on 18th, 25th of March and the 1st of April. The chosen sections will be expected to implement their project and submit their activity & financial report by 30th November 2024

We are looking forward to receiving your applications and to supporting your JEF section further!  

Please, feel free to contact Zita at and Judit at if you have any questions or need any further information.