Call for trainers | Work Plan 2021 – Let’s discuss ‘governance’ in Internet Governance

International seminar: “Internet Governance and young people”

Helsinki, Finland | 8-12  September 2021


The Young European Federalists Europe (JEF Europe) are looking for two Senior trainers and one Junior trainer to facilitate a 5-day international seminar organised in the framework of the Work Plan 2021 “Let’s discuss the ‘governance’ in Internet Governance!”.

About the project 

The project aims to bring diverse stakeholders, whether they are involved in Internet governance processes, to discuss and raise awareness about the role of young people in governance in the ‘Internet Governance’.

Therefore, JEF Europe with the Work Plan 2021, through blended activities, national debates, international educational activities and advocacy actions, seeks to develop the skills and understanding of young people from diverse backgrounds  to enable them to reflect on how they can work to overcome the challenges of youth participation in internet governance processes at European level. 

More info here: Work Plan 2021

About the international seminar

It will take place from the 8th to the 12th of September (trainers will be required to arrive on the 7th of September). The working language will be English. It will gather 20 young people from all over Europe and aims at training young people, focusing on a people-centred and rights-based approach to Internet Governance and empowering them to be potential multipliers in their countries and youth ambassadors in internet governance policy by organising national events with policy-makers. Participants will tackle the national, regional and international levels and the different stakeholders in the field, as well as practical examples to develop their own policy recommendations towards a democratic and inclusive Internet Governance.

You can find the call for participants here.

The activity will consist of 2 different parts in which the trainers will be involved:

  1. A two-hour online preparatory meeting with the participants will be organised 1 or 2 weeks (dates TBC) prior to the seminar. It will aim at making sure that the participants will have the needed knowledge and competence to be actively involved in the sessions during the event in Helsinki. In addition,  participants will get to know each other, the team and trainers, and we will present the results and recommendations from the first seminar in Alicante (July 2021), as well as the Policy Brief published in June and built on the experts’ inputs and JEF Europe’s desk research. 
  • Trainers will be in charge of preparing the sessions of the online meeting to make it interactive and stimulating to the participants with the support of JEF Europe team.
  1. The international seminar in Helsinki (Finland) will be the highlight of the international activity where the participants will use the knowledge they have already obtained but also develop new skills and participate in the interactive sessions during the event and create synergies with their peers from other European countries. It will be implemented based on non-formal methodology (e.g. moving debate, storytelling), aiming at offering space for the participants to participate and be in the centre of the educational activity. The seminar will involve discussion, presentations, non-formal education methods, and the development of a set of policy recommendations and of an online toolkit of resources.
  • Trainers will be in charge of preparing the sessions outlines with the support of JEF Europe team and based on the model daily programme as validated by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe as part of JEF Europe’s application.

As a direct result of the seminar, a set of recommendations and an online toolkit of resources on Internet Governance and youth participation, at national, European and global level, will be developed and used in the next phases of the project, in particular for the final event of the year but also as materials for the national roundtables to be organised with decision-makers and stakeholders by the participants afterwards.

Requirements and responsibilities for the trainers

  • Get familiar with the project.
  • Experience in implementing and facilitating activities with both formal and non-formal methodologies.
  • Join at least two online preparatory meetings with the organisers.
  • Prepare and facilitate the two-hour online preparatory meeting.
  • Prepare and facilitate session outlines for each of the sessions and provide a safe environment for all participants.
  • Have an evaluation with the coordinator during the training and a final evaluation after the event.
  • Prepare a final report 15 days after the meeting at the latest.
  • Ability to contribute to work in an intercultural team of experts.
  • Proficient user of English language, both in written and spoken English.
  • Interest in supporting the implementation of the project activities (paid consultancy) and experience in the digital sector and digital inclusion will be considered as an asset.

Contract Conditions

Trainers will be paid after the completion of the service and the delivery of the final report. We are looking for both Senior and Junior trainers, with different financial compensation:

  • 2 Senior Trainers, who will be paid 575 EUR each for the services provided as described above.
  • 1 Junior Trainer, who will be paid 350 EUR for the services provided as described above.

Online platforms access and tools will be provided by the organisers if needed.

  • Accommodation and food covered for 5 days in Helsinki, Finland
  • Travel reimbursement for up to 300 euros

Application procedure

If you are interested in being a trainer for this activity, please send us a short email expressing your motivation to facilitate the seminar, and your experience in the topics mentioned above to, and by 30 July 2021 23:59 CET, with the email subject line ‘Work Plan 2021 | Call for trainers – Helsinki International Seminar

We look forward to hearing from you!

To apply and if you have any questions, feel free to contact:

Lorène Weber, Admin & Membership Officer

Young European Federalists

Rue d’Arlon 53, 1040 Brussels

Théo Lecarpentier, Project Officer

Young European Federalists

Rue d’Arlon 53, 1040 Brussels

Chiara Grigolo, Project Assistant

Young European Federalists

Rue d’Arlon 53, 1040 Brussels