Call for Applications | IMPACT micro-granting

Dear JEF sections,

We are pleased to share that through the IMPACT project JEF Europe will be funding local activities across Europe. 

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT stands for Inclusive Methods for Political Activism and Campaigns through Training

In the aftermath of the Conference on the Future of Europe and during the European Year of Youth, there is a great opportunity to focus more on the active engagement of young people in our European democracies. In the aftermath of the Year of Youth in 2023, the preparations for the European elections in 2024 already start, therefore it is highly important to have networks of young people who are highly skilled to engage with promoting participation to other young people as well. Linking these processes together therefore fosters a vibrant active participation of young people in EU processes.

As the European Year of Youth also set among its objectives, IMPACT will reinforce positive perspectives of young people about the EU; it will support the participation of young people from diverse backgrounds and will break down certain barriers in their participation.

The project’s main aim is to bring together a group of volunteers from different backgrounds who learn how to design campaigns for youth participation in an inclusive and successful way in the lead up to the European elections in 2024.

To reach this aim, the project will have the following objectives:

  • To increase the knowledge of young volunteers on the functioning of the EU and the relevance of active youth  participation in the European elections.
  • To build the capacity of young volunteers on inclusive and successful campaigning for youth participation
  • To offer opportunities to young volunteers to put their newly gained competencies into practice through inclusive campaign activities for promoting youth participation in the lead up of the European elections.

The main aim of the micro-grants:

As the last phase of the IMPACT project, the micro-granting serves an impactful implementation of the learnings of the projects by volunteers on the ground. The goal for this support is to fund local actions that foster inclusion and diversity, as well as actions that connect to the Europe-wide campaign of JEF Europe on the topic taking place between 24-30 April. Activities focusing on promoting the rights of people with disabilities are of particular interest for this call.

Application process

All participants from previous IMPACT activities, as well as sections and interest groups of JEF Europe can apply, from local to regional and national level. Activities need to take place within EU countries due to the nature of funding coming from the European Parliament.

To apply, you will have to fill this online form until 5th of April 2023 COB.

The selection committee will choose 12 sections based on needs and motivation that will benefit the most from this project. The maximum amount of grant is 500 EUR per activity.

No cost incurred after April can be considered as eligible for the grant.

Financing instalments:

After a successful application, the selected sections will have to fill a payment request for pre-financing 50% of the allocated grant for the activity. Upon successful implementation and duly reporting to JEF Europe, the second instalment will be sent.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Ines Consonni and Andrew Micallef via email before the deadline: &