Call for trainer in (online) European Civic Education

Europe@Home: European Civic Education through the mobile

Training for multipliers | 4-8 September in Berlin, Germany (Arrival date on 3/09/2021)

The Young European Federalists Europe (JEF Europe) are looking for one Senior trainer to facilitate a 5-day training for multipliers organised in the framework of the project Europe@Home: European Civic Education through the mobile, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

About Europe@Home

The years of 2020 and 2021 have been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected many areas of people’s lives and moved many professional and civic activities to the online sphere. Building on the Europe@School programme, the 18-months project ​”Europe@Home: European Civic Education through the mobile” aims to examine and further develop the practices of digital education that were put in place in the wake of the pandemic, with a particular focus on European Civic Education.

Through desk research and innovative online and offline activities, JEF Europe will take its twenty-year-old Europe@School programme to a new level by going digital and cooperating with different youth organisations to discover the best practices in digital education of recent years and their successful deployments throughout the Covid-19 pandemic​.

In addition, the partnership will ​develop the digital competences and skills of its members, educators​, as well as those of representatives of other organisations in order to enable ​work with digitally adapted tools, thus contributing to the integration of digital elements in the educational and pedagogical trajectories in the future.

The project partnership is coordinated by JEF Germany and JEF Europe, with JEF Bulgaria, JEF France, JEF Malta and OBESSU as project partners.

The implementation of the training for multipliers will be coordinated by JEF Europe with direct support from JEF Germany and in partnership with all the project partners. More information about the timeline of the project and its aims can be found here.

About the training for multipliers

Its aim is to practice the tools that have been prepared by the experts on European Civic Education online and give feedback on the last draft of the manual. The specific objectives of the training course are the following:
    • Present the tools part of the Europe@Home manual to youth workers and receive direct feedback
    • Organise a space where the tools are going to be practised (online) and receive direct feedback
    • Discuss and give specific ideas on how the tools can be blended with physical activities, prepare activity plans that can be added as examples in the manual
    • Develop competences of youth workers in European Civic Education and plan for the multiplier events which will take place in Germany, Bulgaria, Malta and Belgium (in Brussels by us with OBESSU support following what we mentioned in the application) at the end of the year (November to December).

A meeting between the trainers and the experts will be organised on the 25/08/2021 at 19:00 PM CEST to provide a clear follow-up between the experts expectations and trainers understanding.

Requirements and responsibilities for the trainers

    • Get familiar with the project.
    • Experience in implementing and facilitating activities with both formal and non-formal methodologies.
    • Join at least two online preparatory meetings with the organisers.
    • Prepare and facilitate session outlines for each of the sessions and provide a safe environment for all participants.
    • Have an evaluation with the coordinator during the training and a final evaluation after the event.
    • Prepare a final report 15 days after the meeting at the latest.
    • Ability to contribute to work in an intercultural team of experts.
    • Proficient user of English language, both in written and spoken English.

Contract Conditions

Trainer will be paid after the completion of the service and the delivery of the final report.

  • 1 Senior Trainer, who will be paid 700 EUR each for the services provided as described above.

Online platforms access and tools will be provided by the organisers if needed.

  • Accommodation and food covered for 5 days in Berlin, Germany
  • Travel reimbursement for up to 275 euros

Application procedure

If interested, please send your CV and Motivation Letter, to until 23 August 2021 23:59 CEST.

Successful applicants will be contacted ion Monday morning.

Please include “Call for trainers: Europe@Home” in the Subject title.