JEF is running for the Advisory Council on Youth

We are happy to announce we are nominating Xesc Mainzer as our candidate for the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe, #toFedEU #forYouthRights

For over a decade, Xesc has been involved in different youth organisations, from the local to the European levels, working on issues as varied as language rights, diversity policies, democratic participation, or the advancement of Humanities. Within JEF specifically, his involvement dates back to 2012 when he started organising JEF Balearic Islands, which became an official regional section in 2014 with him as president. Since then he’s been treasurer in JEF Madrid and president of JEF Spain, as well as having been JEF’s representative to the Spanish Youth Council (CJE) for some years.

He has been involved in campaigns such as I Choose Europe (our campaign for the 2019 EP elections) or Democracy under Pressure (JEF Europe’s annual campaign, ongoing since 2006, to denounce democratic backsliding and breaches of rule of law), but also in the development of a cross border network of JEF sections in the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion (Catalunya, Illes Balears, and Région Occitanie) and in the management of several Model European Union simulations organised by JEF Madrid. At the moment, he is an elected member of JEF Europe’s Federal Committee for the 2021-2023 mandate, co-chairing our internal taskforce on Diversity and Empowerment where he is currently coordinating the development of an internal guide on language accessibility to help make our documents and communications easier to understand.

You can read his candidacy here.

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