EurHope: an innovative platform

revealing European political parties' responses to youth priorities

Brussels, 06.05.2024 

The EurHope campaign, a collaborative effort that united over 1.5 million voices and 5,000 proposals from youth across all 27 EU countries, has culminated in the launch of the innovative EurHope platform. The first pan-European, multilingual tool of its kind, the platform aims to elevate young citizens’ priorities in the lead-up to the 2024 EU Elections.

On 8 May, we will publish the European political parties’ reactions to the 15 priorities of young citizens from 27 member states.  

Young citizens will now find on our EurHope multilingual platform the answers of parties to their priorities, to help inform their choice ahead of the European elections of 6-9 June”, says Christelle Savall, President of the Young European Federalists (JEF Europe).

Our platform provides an overview on the parties’ positions in 22 languages on the basis of the consensual priorities of young voters. All European political parties with 10 or more seats in the current European Parliament were invited to share their reactions. We now make them accessible to a broader audience in an easy, user friendly and unique way. Moreover, we draw on the unique triangle between citizens, parties and civil society by also including the reactions to the 15 points of a diversity of civil society organisations working in cooperation with JEF Europe.

The platform will be launched during the upcoming EurHope final event, organised on 8 May at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). This event will begin with opening remarks by Oliver Röpke, President of the EESC, followed by interventions from civil society organisations, leading into a debate between young candidates for the European elections.

About EurHope

JEF Europe, together with, launched EurHope, a participatory campaign ahead of the 2024 European Elections, supported by a coalition of more than 40 actors. In its first phase, the campaign gathered 1.5 million votes from across the EU and more than 5,000 proposals were submitted to the multilingual online platform ( The Agenda of Hope, regrouping 15 priorities of young people, statistically significant, was presented to European political parties and politicians. For each proposal, JEF Europe wrote, together with other civil society organisations, the reforms and steps needed to implement those priorities. The last phase of the initiative is dedicated to an offline and online campaign, to get young people to go vote. 

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