RE-Acti-ON: Combating Hate Speech: create your own campaign! 

Brussels, Belgium | 6 November 2021

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The Young European Federalists (JEF Europe), are organising a workshop on fighting hate speech and the creation of a communications campaign as a part of the RE-Acti-ON project, lead by the Spanish organisation Jovesólides. It is a follow- up event of the week- long seminar organised in Valencia this summer. 


About the project                        

The workshop on November 6 is part of #RE-Acti-ON, a project with the main objective to empower young people through social media, a new space for political activism, to fight against hate speech. The project aims to create a network of young activists of a transnational character in the fight against discourse of hatred and limitations to social and civic participation.

The objectives are:

  • Encouraging and supporting the creation of a network of young activists to fight against hate speech in social media.
  • Promoting the collaboration between European social associations, trying to profit from the expertise of each one of them.
  • Designing and testing a new methodology that prepares young people to participate and fight for a fairer, opener and more inclusive EU society.


About the Training

The local training on hate speech aims to educate the participants on what hate speech is and to increase their skills of creating online campaigns and multimedia instruments. The training will involve between 15-20 participants interested in creating a campaign on combating hate speech (e.g. youth activists, youth leaders, students, young people working or volunteering in the field of diversity and inclusion). 

The training will involve experts from the field of hate speech and online campaigning and the participants will also be supported in creating their own multimedia campaign The main output of the training will be campaign videos on the topic of combating hate speech. The objectives of the training:

  • To provide a better understanding of what hate speech is, how to recognise it and how to stand up to it. 
  • To develop critical thinking skills and competences of youth activists so that they become actively engaged in youth media making.
  • To encourage participants to create media content on issues of hate speech and exclusion.
  • To produce media materials as part of an information campaign on hate speech.

The methodological approach of the seminar will ensure that the principles of non-formal education are fully respected. This means that the participants will be offered possibilities to learn through listening to the invited speakers, but they also will work in small groups on the creation of an end product.

Participants profile

  • Fluency in English. 
  • Between 18-35 years old 
  • Available to participate the full day on November 6th, 2021. 
  • Living in the Brussels region – we unfortunately cannot cover travel costs.
  • Vaccinated against COVID- 19 or recently recovered. We will ask you to show us your Covid Safe Ticket, tests are not accepted
  • Interested in media and content creation, as well as the topic of combating hate speech. 
  • Basic competences of digital communication tools and media (eg. good – script- writing skills, social media skills, knowledge of photography and video editing)
  • No objectives to take part in a self- created campaign video to combat hate speech. This video will be used for JEF Europe’s online campaign against hate speech and be presented during various events. 

Why should you apply?

  • An opportunity to learn from an expert about hate speech, as well as being trained in setting up a successful social media campaign.  
  • By creating a video against hate speech online, you help create awareness for the problem and this way, you are part of the solutions yourself. 


Application procedure

Please fill in the following application form by 28 October 2021. We will get back to you  on the 29th of October. 

The participants will be selected by JEF Europe according to gender balance and their motivation to engage in producing media content von hate speech. There will be no participation fee.

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact

If you have any questions feel free to contact

Mirjam de Jong, Project Assistant

Young European Federalists

Rue d’Arlon 53, 1040 Brussels

Alexandra Huber, Project & Financial Officer

Young European Federalists

Rue d’Arlon 53, 1040 Brussels

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