Today is Zero Discrimination Day; a day which aims to promote equality before the law, and in practice.

As part of the Mindset project, JEF Europe has spent the last few months actively conducting research on Mapping regional attitudes on discrimination based on ethnic origin in Italy, Sweden & Romania. The Mindset project is funded in the framework of the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme by DG JUST.

This study has shown that people are facing discrimination based on ethnic origin across the entire Union. It provides extensive information and the regional attitudes towards the concept of discrimination, (especially discrimination based on ethnic origin) and aims to collect new data in the process of understanding the mindset of the people in Italy, Sweden and Romania.

Notably, the aim and degree of discrimination varied across different countries, and often changed according to the scope and demographics found in the countries in question. Countries more connected to Sinti & Roma communities faced more discrimination related to national minority groups or migratory backgrounds. Furthermore, this study outlined that the media has a significant impact on the way in which we perceive, report and react towards discrimination, and it also impacts the methods and means in which we can raise awareness against discriminatory acts. This is why the joint project of Euractiv and JEF Europe, Mindset, aims to provide essential training for journalists and activists from the civil society organisations in the countries involved in the project, with the aim of giving these citizens the skills and tools they need to build a brighter, non-discriminatory future.