Mobilise Europe = Engaging Together - Training series on inclusion, equality & diversity

Project Summary

With Europe at a crossroads at the end of the Conference on the Future of Europe and in the middle of the implementation of the Green Deal and the digitalisation agenda, active European citizens must be at the forefront. In the period before the upcoming European elections, the MEET project will offer space for diverse groups of European citizens to bring Europe to local level through a diverse set of activities encouraging continuous activism and interaction with European politicians. The project is led by the European Youth Forum (YFJ), and JEF-Europe participates as a partner.

MEET will meaningfully contribute by 2024 to a depolarised and less-tense democratic space. This will allow more participation, and more respect and understanding of others’ positions, ultimately helping revive the flagging belief in democracy as a system.

Aims and goals

Debate European policies on a local level – let’s discuss Europe together!

Celebrate democracy with citizens of all generations – let’s celebrate our Europe together!

Mobilise activists and overcome COVID-19 fatigue – let’s get active together!


The MEET beneficiaries will be young and older European citizens living in all the 27 EU member states. The activities will apply the dual approach of intersectionality and the intergenerational lenses. The 3 different pillars will outreach and directly involve more than 10,000 people who will serve as multipliers of the project outputs. The project will outreach to more than 4,000 people physically and more than 7,000 people offline through the large consortium of partners. Indirectly, the project’s outputs are planned to reach more than 50,000 people: this will ensure that the project results will stay alive outside of the project timeline.

The lasting impact of the project would be that young and older participants and their families have an increased feeling of connectedness to each other and the European project, which can lead them to become (more) active European citizens.

Implementation and activities

As a part of the MEET project, JEF-Europe carries out the following activities:

Regional capacity buildings for debates for European Elections 2024:

  • 30th September 2023-3rd October 2023, JEF Italy: The media and the European Elections – what role does disinformation play
  • 1st December 2023, JEF Spain: Equality and fair gender representation in politics – how to foster equality?
  • 20th January 2024, JEF France: The Conference on the Future of Europe – how does it shape the European Elections? Paris, France
  • 15th February 2024, JEF Ireland: Vote16 – representing youth in European elections.
  • 17th February 2024, JEF Hungary: Age and democracy – what is the difference between young and older voters?
  • Late February 2024 (TBC), JEF Bulgaria: How to reach voters from disadvantaged backgrounds?

Local debates

Final debating contest

Partners and roles

JEF Italy

JEF France

Coordinators and contact persons:

Amy McAuley, Project Officer

Young European Federalists

Rue des Deux Églises 14, 1000 Brussels

Supported by: