European Y.O.U.T.H. - Youth for Openness, Unity, Tolerance and Human rights for all

European Y.O.U.T.H. – Youth for Openness, Unity, Tolerance and Human rights for all- focuses on the recent “refugee crisis” and on the subsequent surge of xenophobia. We believe that a more united Europe as JEF envisions is impossible if racism, intolerance, extremism and nationalism are not defeated. Through the different activities that are part of this plan we aim at raising awareness and tackle these problems. The young people attending our activities will be in charge of that: throughout the year they will build knowledge and develop appropriate competences in order to fight against the above mentioned worrying tendencies and to influence society towards a more tolerant Europe. Our project focuses on the youth because the young people will be in charge of changing the Europe and the world of tomorrow; because of globalization, this world will be more and more multicultural, which is why fostering intercultural dialogue and developing the appropriate skills and knowledge constitutes a crucial element in order to promote a peaceful society. Furthermore, specific attention will be given to the fact that young men and young women have different needs when it comes to human rights: in fact we know that young migrant women are more exposed to human rights violations such as sexual violence, physical and psychological violence.

To achieve these goals, five activities have been developed and will be implemented in the sequence as indicated below:

  1. “Brace yourselves, European Y.O.U.T.H. is coming!”- 17-21 February 2016 Brussels, Belgium
  2. “Europeans, migrants: all in the same boat” – 20-24 April – Vienna, Austria
  3. “European Y.O.U.T.H.: welcoming the refugees” – 6-10 July – Valletta, Malta
  4. “European Y.O.U.T.H. meets politics” – 23-27 November – Athens, Greece