WP 2023 | REVIVE - Revitalising Voices of Youth in Europe

With the 2023 REVIVE WorkPlan (Revitalising Voices of Youth in Europe), JEF aims to enhance the situation of youth civic spaces in Europe through building capacities of young people and supporting the implementation of the new Council of Europe Recommendation on protecting youth civil society and young people.

In order to safeguard and counteract the shrinking of youth civic spaces, JEF Europe has successfully implemented one European seminar in Budapest, Hungary, and two regional seminars in Lublin, Poland, and Bucharest, Romania, to focus on Central-Eastern Europe and the Balkans respectively.

During the second half of the year, several local actions are being implemented by REVIVE participants and JEF sections in order to sustain and spread the goals of this project further and in December a final conference will be held in Brussels to analyse the outcomes of the project and share best practices among participants and important stakeholders. It will comprise presentations of the different regions about the work they did in the WP, as well as Brussels-based youth organisations. 

REVIVE Local Actions

Under the WorkPlan 2023 REVIVE, ten impactful local actions unfolded, echoing the mission of safeguarding youth civic spaces and cultivating the political and social engagement of young individuals throughout Europe.

These dynamic initiatives, spearheaded by both participants of previous REVIVE capacity-building seminars and dedicated JEF Sections, played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of active citizenship.

The local actions took place in the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Norway, Romania.

Facilitated by a microgranting scheme, each action received financial support of €500, proving instrumental in their successful execution. The positive outcomes of these events extended beyond mere success; they became a beacon of inspiration, collectively reaching +150 young people across Europe. Noteworthy improvements included heightened awareness of the REVIVE project objectives on the Council of Europe Recommendation on Safeguarding Youth Civic Spaces and the enhancement of skills, contributing to a more informed and engaged youth community.

A distinctive feature of this initiative was its intentional effort to extend its reach beyond the borders of the European Union, Eastern Partnership, and Western Balkans. We are delighted to report that some of our JEF Sections in these regions effectively engaged with communities through the implementation of local actions, transcending geographical boundaries.

This initiative, generously funded by the European Youth Foundation (EYF), exemplifies the collaborative spirit of REVIVE and JEF Europe, where diverse voices unite to empower and inspire the youth of Europe.

We are very thankful for our sections and the REVIVE participants for all the effort and the collaboration in making these local actions a reality.

REVIVE Brochure and Guidelines

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