Call for Experts in (online) European Civic Education

Europe@Home: European Civic Education through the mobile

May to August 2021 - 10 working days expected

JEF Europe is looking for 3 experts in (online) education and European civic education to work on the development of a manual that will be targeted to youth organisations, educational institutions, non-formal educators and youth workers that are involved or interested in being involved in the implementation of European Civic Education, both offline and online.

The three experts will be responsible for desk research, bring an updated view on the current developments of the European Union, the future youth programmes (Erasmus 2021 – 2027) and the Conference on the Future of Europe and the development of the manual based on the structural skeleton created by the partner organisations of the project. The work will consist of different phases which are explained below.

About Europe@Home

The years of 2020 and 2021 have been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected many areas of people’s lives and moved many professional and civic activities to the online sphere. Building on the Europe@School programme, the 18-months project ​”Europe@Home: European Civic Education through the mobile” aims to examine and further develop the practices of digital education that were put in place in the wake of the pandemic, with a particular focus on European Civic Education.

Through desk research and innovative online and offline activities, JEF Europe will take its twenty-year-old Europe@School programme to a new level by going digital and cooperating with different youth organisations to discover the best practices in digital education of recent years and their successful deployments throughout the Covid-19 pandemic​.

In addition, the partnership will ​develop the digital competences and skills of its members, educators​, as well as those of representatives of other organisations in order to enable ​work with digitally adapted tools, thus contributing to the integration of digital elements in the educational and pedagogical trajectories in the future.

The project partnership is coordinated by JEF Germany and JEF Europe, with JEF Bulgaria, JEF France, JEF Malta and OBESSU as project partners.

About the timeline

The implementation will be coordinated by JEF Europe with direct support from JEF Germany and in partnership with all the project partners. The timeline of preparation and task division for the preparation for the manual are the following:

    • May 2021: selection of the experts, online preparatory call and beginning of the work;
    • 06 June 2021 – 11:00 AM CEST: participation in the online short partner meeting (one hour);
    • July 2021 (date to be fixed in June): internal presentation of the 1st draft of the manual during the short partner meeting;
    • June to July 2021: support the partner organisations in the preparation and implementation of 10 tryout webinars with the adapted/developed tools and prepare a feedback form where we will collect the evaluation of all the participants involved. Based on this exercise an updated version of the manual and tools will be created;
    • July 2021 (tbc): Seminar – Europe@Home – Opportunities and Challenges which will be a combination of presentations, sessions but also discussions and direct practice of some of the tools that have been prepared in the Europe@Home manual. The target group for this activity is youth workers and peer educators who have already been involved in the implementation of European civic education activities. The results and feedback from the seminar will be collected and shared with the experts in order to improve the first version of the manual.
    • September 2021 (tbc): Training for multipliers – Europe@Home – European Civic Education Online with young people from partner organisations. Besides the training sessions, participants will have a look at the publication, give their view and more specifically give ideas how to do a combination of online and offline activities. The outcomes of this discussion will be shared with the experts and will feed in the last part of the manual.
    • August/September 2021: Finalisation of the IO2 with the final version of Europe@Home: Manual for European Civic Education online and dissemination for multipliers events.

How will we work?

The methodological approach of JEF Europe work follows the principles of non-formal education. Therefore, the manual will be developed based on the feedback and information received from the different parts of the overall project and will be the main output of the project.

More information concerning the activities of the project and the outcome already produced, such as Research study – Digital education tools – Opportunities VS Practice – Intellectual Output 1, will be provided to the selected experts before the preparatory meeting in May.


    • Join several online meetings and one online evaluation meeting.
    • Previous experience in creating and developing European civic education manual/report, and/or implementing training on similar topics.
    • Knowledge of the European Youth framework.
    • Be familiar with online platforms and tools.
    • Previous experience in the creation of manuals/reports related to European civic education and online activities.
    • Ability to collaborate and work in a multicultural team.
    • Ability to respect deadlines.
    • Proficient user of English language, both in written and spoken English.

Contract Conditions

After the completion of the service and the creation of the manual, experts will be paid. We are looking for two types of experts with different financial compensation:

    • 1 coordinator-expert who will manage the group work, the presentation of the results to the consortium and create and combine the final results in the manual. The expert will be paid 2000 EUR for the services provided as described above.
    • 2 experts who will carry out the research and contribute to the development of the manual. Each expert will be paid 1000 EUR  for the services provided as described above.

Application procedure

If interested, please send your CV and Motivation Letter, and any references of previous work on manuals/reports on European Civic Education to until 16 May 2021 23:59 CEST.

Successful applicants will be contacted in the following days.

Please include “Call for experts: Europe@Home” in the Subject title.