Buon Vento: the screening of the first documentary on the Seminar of Ventotene

Directed by Andrea Caciagli and set on the island of Ventotene, it will be broadcast in streaming the 17th of May 2021 at 7pm CEST.

The documentary will be premiered on YouTube and will last 50 minutes. It will be introduced by welcome speeches and followed by a debate with the director on Zoom.


The voice of a new generation that wants to build the Europe of tomorrow.Buon Vento” (A Good Wind) is a documentary born from an idea of the Gioventù Federalista Europea (GFE), the Italian section of the Young European Federalists, with the aim of narrating the experience that hundreds of young people from all over the world live, every year, by taking part in the federalist training seminar held on the island of Ventotene

In an atmosphere full of history and enthusiasm, they have the opportunity to discuss and share opinions, but above all experiences. Conferences, working groups, a visit to the tomb of Altiero Spinelli, swimming in the sea, consulting historical texts on European and world federalism and, of course, evenings spent together. The documentary, made by GFE in collaboration with the Altiero Spinelli Institute for Federalist Studies and co-produced by 8 Production, received the patronage of the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Ventotene and was co-financed thanks to the Y-FED project, promoted by the Young European Federalists within the Erasmus+ programme.

“It has been a long time since we felt the need to tell about the experience of the Ventotene Seminar, to convey that magical atmosphere of brotherhood that animates it”, explains the Secretary General of the GFE, Antonio Argenziano.

In these difficult years, the European project has often been questioned, together with the principles and values it represents and on which it is based. In the storm, however, there is always a safe harbour, to which one can return to pick oneself up and prepare to face the open sea. For those who believe in freedom, democracy, brotherhood and solidarity, that port has a name: Ventotene. 

On the small island, lost in the Tyrrhenian Sea, a Manifesto was written that not only represents a foundation for the process of European unification, but also continues to inspire the younger generations.  Giving a face and a voice to these young people is therefore the main objective of “Buon Vento“. The young people who go to Ventotene every year are in fact the real protagonists of the documentary. Thanks to their ideas, their eyes, their smiles, the ideals of which Ventotene is a symbol continue to be handed down and to stand as a point of reference, while facing the open sea of history. Ventotene and its seminar, wanted by Altiero Spinelli, are then a symbol to be shared and spread, not only in Italy, but also in Europe and in the world. 

“Buon Vento is not only about telling the legacy of Ventotene, but capturing the atmosphere of the island and of a generation” concludes the director, Andrea Caciagli.

JEF Europe will organise an online screening of the documentary on the 17th of May at 7pm CEST. The event will be opened by a brief introduction by representatives of GFE, JEF and friends of the Ventotene Seminar. It will be followed by a debate with the director.