Call for creative minds

Artists, (graphic) designers & illustrators for creating pieces for an exhibition representing the past of Europe to young people

About the project


The project Next Chapter Europe – Youth Voice on the Conference for the Future of Europe aims at bringing the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) close to the young people. The CoFoE is an activity conducted by the European institutions to include European citizens in the process of creating the ‘’future Europe’’, discussing the elemental topics, expectations, dreams and wishes of the European people. At the local level through an informative pan-European campaign and discussion workshops, young people will be invited to learn about Europe and the CoFoE and become active.This will include the creation of an exhibition on Europe’s past and future, to be presented on the European Youth event. Participants of the project will be able to talk confidently about the CoFoE and actively express their opinions, this will also be essential during the local consultation of young people. You can find more information here


Who are we looking for? 


For the creative part of the exhibition we are currently looking for artists and designers to create 9 images representing important events in the European past (e.g. the founding of the European Union) in an artistic way – the policy and history context will be delivered by us, the creative way of presenting history will be the task of the artist/designer. The works should be in line with the visual identity of the project and provide an accessible way targeted at young people. They will be used in different countries and formats (online, printed)


About the designs we are looking for


  • They will be used in an online context (as graphics posted on Social Media and the web) and in an offline context (printed on roll-up banners and screens)
  • The format should fit both purposes and different sizes of posters
  • Pictures should have a clear style  and show the topics in an accessible way to young people 
  • Elements on the pictures will be persons, places, symbols
  • Pictures have to remain politically neutral and educate in an objective way on the topics 
  • In short: Easy-understandable graphics for everyone to have fun learning about European integration and history 


Practical aspects 

  • The final designs should be provided by the 24.4.2021, drafts should send before and discussed with the our team to make the most of it
  • Send two examples of your previous work and a short outline of what elements you would use for the exhibition pictures 
  • Send your estimations for financial compensation
  • Send them to by April 1 2021.