Next Chapter Europe - Youth voice on the Conference on the Future of Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) aims to be an inclusive and participative process where all Europeans have a say and their wishes and  ideas on how our future European Union should look like – Europe is so much more than just the institutions in Brussels or economic partnerships. Which is why JEF Europe with its project Next Chapter Europe, together with AEGEE-Europe, JEF sections and AEGEE locals team up  to make sure the CoFoE will be a place for each and everyone to be heard, especially young people, as the future is ours!

The project is funded by the European Parliament in the framework of the COMM/SUBV/2020/E – ENGAGEMENT grant and will be implemented from January 2021 to March 2022 and include JEF sections and AEGEE antennae from Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and others. 


Main activities

Coordination meetings with European and national/local partners (January to February 2021) – Brussels, Belgium and online

The meetings with transnational partners, including physical meetings with the Brussels based partners, and extra meetings with volunteers and national and local partners will guarantee a smooth project implementation, featuring a detailed timeline and general coordination between the partners. 

Expert meeting Brainstorming – Preparation of campaign, space to present idea to external partners, Focus groups for Visual Identity and strategy – Berlin, Germany or online (February – March)

JEF Europe and AEGEE Europe together with experts will discuss the developed materials (Campaign slogan, visual identity and implementation plan) but also talk how to implement a large outreach campaign online targeting and involving young people from different categories. The experts will give their views on the planned project and the participants of the expert meeting will try to answer the question “How to talk about European processes in an accessible, attractive and inclusive language?”

Campaign and outreach activities (February to December 2021 – final time frame tbc)

The pan European Campaign will be built on a simultaneous opening event in 6 places in Europe followed by 30 local workshops/consultations (Feb-May 2021) 


Elements of the campaign

Simultaneous Launching Event (in 6 European cities)

An exhibition on the European History (developments) will be presented with empty frames for the future which would serve as an awareness-raising activity to show the importance of the democractic participation and activism for the Future of Europe. The national partners that will cooperate with the European Parliament Liaison Offices (EPLO) for it. 

Online Platform 

A place to find updates on the campaign, campaign materials and exhibition will be presented that also offers space for engagement of people that would visit the website. This might be connected to the online space by other organisations working on the CoFoE and the European Parliament’s project website. 

Local Consultation Workshops 

Different local activities for consultation with JEF’s and AEGEE’s members to hear their view on the Conference for the Future of Europe. The consultations will be organised as workshops where primarily the participants will get to know the process (CoFoE) and also get information for the European developments on the subject the workshop is organised on. Each of the workshops will finish with a list of ideas/recommendations on different topics which will be collected and shared on the online platform.

Europe Day – 9.5.2021

A large-scale action across the whole networks of JEF and AEGEE. The theme of the day will be celebrating the Schuman declaration anniversary and the peace and in unity through organising local initiatives all across Europe. These activities will include interactive sessions, workshops and games, explaining the history of Europe and the development of its institutions as well as the next CoFoE.

Presentation of exhibition at EYE 2021 (June 2021)

The first draft of the outcomes will be presented to the other young people and policy makers. During the EYE, JEF and AEGEE will organise graphic workshops where they will be finalising the exhibition where the conclusions from the resolutions will be drawn as images. This way, the past, present and future of European integration will be presented in an artistic way. It will also be a space for the young activists to exchange ideas. 

Action Tour – Tracking and getting back the outcome of the consultations/recommendations in the local level (August to November 2021)

A team of JEF and AEGEE members will travel across Europe to understand the viewpoint of young people about outcomes from the consultations from Young people and highlight the importance of the youth engagement in shaping the future of the EU. The action tour aims at addressing the problem of the detachment from the EU and collecting the feedback from youth in the local level. The travellers will visit several cities in Europe, conduct interviews and street inquiries with young people about their feelings towards the CoFoE, and conduct workshops in the local communities to follow up the conclusions from the Consultation.

Closing event presentation of final outcomes(feedback) (November to December 2021) Brussels, Belgium 

The outcomes of the whole project and the final collection of views of young people from national and local level on the overall process and the conclusions will be presented at a closing event in Brussels, Belgium. Several groups of young people that have been involved at local level will be invited to visit Brussels and visit the European Parliament. The coordinating organisations JEF Europe and AEGEE Europe will use this event to show the future commitment to the Conference for the Future of Europe beyond the timeframes of the project.

Final Coordination Meeting – January/February 2022

The partners are going to gather to evaluate the project and achieve outreach.
This meeting will also be the opportunity to plan the possible follow up and finalise the guidelines that the networks and partner

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