Call for junior and senior trainer Work Plan 2022: Human rights and Youth – the Right thing to do


Call for junior and senior trainer 

Work Plan 2022: Human rights and Youth – the Right thing to do!

International Seminar

Glasgow, Scotland | 07-11 September 2022



The Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) is looking for a junior and two senior non-formal education trainers to facilitate a 5-day in- person International Seminar for the Work Plan 2022: ‘Human rights and Youth – the Right thing to do!’, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.


Priority in the recruitment will be given to the current members of JEF Europe’s Pool of Trainers. Independent candidates are invited to apply if they meet the selection criteria. 

About the Work Plan 2022
In recent years, the respect for human rights has been eroded in different parts of Europe and young people must unify their voices to remind the decision makers and citizens at large that human rights should never be neglected or instrumentally sacrificed for other causes, such as the fight against COVID-19.

With the Work Plan 2022 ‘Human rights and Youth – the Right thing to do!’, JEF Europe aims at raising awareness of human rights among the European youth and equipping them with the tools to counter human rights violations. The project consists of a consultation meeting (February), two capacity building seminars (May and September), a series of local follow-up training sessions (May-August) and school interventions (September-November), and a closing conference (December). 

About the International Seminar
The second training event of the Work Plan 2022 will take place physically in Glasgow between 7-11 September, gathering 20 people from all over Europe. This seminar will provide an opportunity to youth workers and young volunteers to participate in training to develop their skills and knowledge in non-formal education (NFE), with a focus on the promotion of human rights and awareness-raising of their violations (both offline and online), with a later intention to implement local follow-up activities with high school students. 

The main objectives of the seminar are the following:

  • Build capacity among young people to raise awareness about human rights, and human rights protection tools and mechanisms.
  • Develop skills in using non-formal educational methods with high school students.
  • Create a pool of young people who can develop skills in connection with human rights to high school students.
  • Develop a plan of actions for activities/sessions for high school visits as follow-up educational activities of the training.

The sessions will be facilitated by 3 trainers (2 senior and 1 junior) with expertise in non-formal education.

Selection criteria

  • Experience in implementing and facilitating activities using non-formal methodologies.
  • Ability to contribute to work in an intercultural team.
  • Willingness to learn while working in a team led by a senior trainer.
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English.
  • Expertise in one or more of the following areas: 
    • Human rights protection
    • Civic education (especially focussed on high school students)
    • Gender awareness
    • Inclusion of underrepresented groups
    • Youth work

Responsibilities of the trainer

  • Get familiar with the project.
  • Attend online preparatory meetings with the organisers.
  • Prepare session outlines and facilitate online sessions using non-formal education techniques.
  • Conduct an evaluation with the coordinator during the training and a final evaluation after the event.
  • Prepare a final report 15 days after the meeting at the latest.

Contract conditions

  • The trainer fee for the junior trainer is €420, covering 7 working days (2 days for preparation and follow- up + 5 days for implementation).
  • The trainer fee for the senior trainer is €700, covering 7 working days (2 days for preparation and follow- up + 5 days for implementation).
  • The trainer fee will be paid after the completion of the service and the delivery of the final report.


  • Online platform access and tools will be provided by the organisers if needed.
  • Accommodation and food covered for 5 days in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Travel reimbursement up to 200 euros

How to apply?

Please send your CV and a brief cover letter to by 24 July 2022  23:59 CET with a subject: WP22 IA Glasgow  – Call for trainer. Don’t forget to clearly state whether you are applying for the junior or senior position. 

All applicants will be contacted by 29 July 2022.

If you have any questions, feel free to forward them to the email address above.