Citizens' representatives call for Treaty change

Twenty ambassadors of the European Citizens’ Panels as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe are calling on the EU to implement the proposals adopted by the Conference, including via a Treaty change Convention. You can find their statement below.

The EU has randomly selected 800 citizens to make recommendations on how ordinary people envision the Future of Europe. These 178 recommendations were shaped into the final proposals by the Conference Plenary. These are the changes that the EU citizens want to see, including ending the national veto in EU decision-making so that the EU can act quickly in crises. We ask the politicians we elect to take all our proposals seriously, including those that need treaty amendments. We want our governments at the EU summit on 23-24 June to vote to open the Convention so that our proposals can be implemented and enable the EU to act more quickly.


Thilde Karlsson, ECP Ambassador, Sweden

Nicolas Morávek, ECP Ambassador, Czech Republic

Kozmáné Gombkötő Hajnalka, ECP Ambassador, Hungary,

Tuomas Suihkonen, ECP Ambassador, Finland

Troels De Leon Petersen, ECP Ambassador, Denmark

Normunds Legzdiņš, ECP Ambassador, Latvia

Dajana Milinkovic, ECP Ambassador, Croatia

Dragan Volarević, ECP Ambassador, Croatia

Krasimir Zlatinov, ECP Ambassador, Bulgaria

Aleksandar Milisov, ECP Ambassador, Bulgaria

Valentina Balzani, ECP Ambassador, Italy

Paolo Barone, ECP Ambassador, Italy

Laura Maria Cinquini, ECP Ambassador, Italy

Julia Eichberger, ECP Ambassador, Austria

Annemie De Clerck, ECP Ambassador, Belgium

Gabriela Hegenberg, ECP Ambassador, Germany

Dorin Hell, ECP Ambassador, Germany

Antonia Kieper, ECP Ambassador, Germany

Greta Adamek, ECP Ambassador, Germany

Joy Clara Schäflein, ECP Ambassador, Germany