Call for Participants - JEF Europe XXVII European Congress

JEF Europe and JEF Spain are launching the call for participants for the JEF Europe XXVII European Congress which will take place in Madrid, Spain from 10th to 12th November 2023.


  • Full member sections must submit their list of delegates for the Congress as well as for the outgoing Federal Committee Meeting (which takes place on Friday 10th November) and the incoming Federal Committee Meeting (which takes place on Sunday 12th November) here (, by 25th September 2023.
  • All individuals (Delegates selected by sections, directly elected FC members, EB members, AC members, AB members, Observers, JEF Europe Secretariat) must register on the individual form here ( by 25th September 2023

Participation Fee

    • €80 for OBSERVERS (staying 2 nights – Friday & Saturday night): to be paid by bank transfer AFTER CONFIRMATION by JEF Europe’s Secretariat (confirmation will be received on 29th September 2023 at the latest). 
    • €55 for those with an OFFICIAL POSITION IN JEF EUROPE or NATIONAL DELEGATES ATTENDING THE CONGRESS staying 2 nights – Friday & Saturday night. 
    • €70 for those with an OFFICIAL POSITION IN JEF EUROPE or NATIONAL DELEGATES ATTENDING THE OUTGOING FC, CONGRESS AND INCOMING FC staying 3 nights – Thursday, Friday & Saturday night. 
    • €30 for participants who don’t need accommodation covered by JEF in Madrid.
    • The participation fees cover accomodation in a shared room and all meals from Friday breakfast to Sunday lunch for those staying for 3 nights. For those staying 2 nights or for those who already have accomodation in Madrid, all meals from Friday dinner will be covered.
  • Participation fees of all participants should arrive by 8th October 2023. Once you pay, please send a proof of payment to and
  • If you have an OFFICIAL POSITION IN JEF EUROPE or are a NATIONAL DELEGATE (Make 100% sure to confirm this with your section), your participation is automatically confirmed and you do not need to wait for our confirmation to send your participation fee.
  • Payments must be sent to: 
    • Bank: Fortis BNP Paribas
    • Account holder: JEF AISBL 
    • Account number: 001-1128794-81 
    • IBAN number: BE36 0011 1287 9481 
  • Don’t forget to write “Name Surname Congress 2023” in the transaction message

Other Information

  • You can find the number of delegates allocated to each section here.
  • Please make sure to note that the Outgoing Federal Committee meeting starts at 9:00AM on 10th November, the European Congress starts at 2:30PM on 10th November, and the Incoming Federal Committee meetings ends at around 3:00PM on 10th November. It’s very important to attend from the beginning of ALL these meetings for quorum reasons.
  • Please book your flights ONLY after receiving the official confirmation from the Secretariat, unless you have an OFFICIAL POSITION IN JEF EUROPE or are a NATIONAL DELEGATE (Make sure to 100% confirm this with your section). In this case, and only in this case, you can book your flights immediately. In other cases, booking flights before confirmation will not be a guarantee of your confirmed participation.
  • OBSERVERS from JEF CANDIDATE SECTIONS may apply as well. Should the section be officially recognised during the Congress, this section has the right to 1 DELEGATE, meaning that all current candidate sections should select his/her representative in advance (Statutes – Article 20, sub-article b (iv) (v)).
  • The Congress will be held in English. 
  • If a visa is required for your travel to Spain and you require signed proof from JEF Europe that you will be attending the event, please email Andrew Micallef
  • If you require JEF Europe’s Solidarity Fund to help with your participation in the Congress, you can apply for it here. Please note that the Solidarity Fund is available for a limited number of participants, as it depends on the co-funding and grants we receive. The deadline to apply is on 25th September 2023. You will receive a reply by 29th September 2023 the latest. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ALSO APPLY VIA THE INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION FORM. 

JEF Spain’s Congress Pre-Programs 

  • If you are also interested in attending one of the pre-programs organised by JEF Spain in Toledo or Barcelona taking place before JEF Europe’s Congress, or a social program in Madrid on Thursday 9th November, please check out the pre-program booklet for more information. You can sign up through the following form


For any general questions about the JEF Europe XXVII European Congress, please contact Andrew Micallef