On-site Summer Trainings

- Get ready for the European elections 2024! -

The prospect of the 2024 European elections sending a strong unified and democratic voice is imperative for a strong, free and sustainable EU. In that context, the goal of the EurHope project is to increase the citizens’ engagement towards the European Elections 2024 and ultimately the voter turnout.

JEF Europe together with Make.org launched this Europe-wide innovative participatory campaign, supported by the European Parliament. It will engage millions of citizens in their diversity, focusing on youth. Jointly, participants of the consultation will identify and shape Europe’s priorities and solutions for 2024 and beyond. This process will reach up to 20 Million young European citizens over the course of one year – from May 2023 to May 2024.

Through these training sessions you will have the opportunity to become a certified EurHope Ambassador with skills and knowledge on how to find new and innovative ways to debate for the future of Europe.

The working language is English and the certificates will be issued digitally only to participants who attend all in-situ sessions from the 27th and 30th of July 2023 in Brussels.

Learn how to debate for the future of Europe!

27th to 30th of July 2023 in Brussels, Belgium

What will you learn about?

JEF Europe will be delivering a series of training sessions on new ways of debating for the future of Europe supported by the European Commission.

These training activities are carried out in the context of the project MEET which also counts with the partnership and participation of the European Youth Forum, AGE Platform Europe and The Assembly of European Regions (AER), among other partners.


Please not this agenda can still suffer changes

Session 1 – 27th of July 2023

Let’s discuss Europe together so we can celebrate democracy!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in policy development can only come to life through open dialogue where all voices are heard. In this session participants will learn how to create open dialogues. As a starting point, we will gather the participants’ experience and good practices in organising debates. We will compare the traditional Oxford debate and the MEET debate structure. As debates can get heated, we will look at polarisation and why that happens so participants are enabled to step in before debates get heated and can proceed in a connecting manner instead of a divisive manner. The method of Deep Democracy will be explained and participants will be trained how to use this method in the debates that will be organised. Deep Democracy is a method to ensure all voices are heard in debates and seeks the wisdom of all voices to come to an enriched and shared decision. Creating open dialogues will ensure rich discussions on Europa and lead into a situation where all participants can celebrate democracy in Europe. 

Schedule from 10:00 – 17:00 cest

Session 2 – 28th of July 2023 

Let’s get active together!

Polarisation happens because discussions get heated and people misunderstand each other. This is often what holds us from engaging with others or organising debates with people that might have different opinions. This session is to inspire participants to get active. This starts with identifying what research needs to be done to prepare for the debates and what to share with participants. After the coffee break we will continue with the method of nonviolent communication which enables participants to learn how to handle heated discussions to bring the conversation back to connecting with each other. The session wraps up the training to enable participants to organise the debates under the first pillar of the project through a scale exercise where participants interview each other upon what their projects look like if they achieve their full potential, where they are now and what is holding them back so they can identify what is their next step. 

Schedule from 10:00 – 17:00 cest

Session 3 – 29th of July 2023 

Let’s get started and take the next step! 

The last session is to conclude the training sessions and enable participants to get active in their projects. Based on the scale exercise of the 2nd training day this session will address the last needs and questions. 

10:00 – 12:00 cest

30th of July 2023 – check-out

Please note you should attend all of the sessions to complete the learning path established by the trainers to be eligible to receive your certificate.

During all JEF Europe’s events and activities it is mandatory to adhere to our Code of Conduct, which we recommend you read before applying.

Registration and attendance

Please complete this webform to apply to be a participant for these training sessions until the 9th of July 7pm CEST, you will receive a confirmation via email if you have been selected by the 11th of July at the latest, together with the travel reimbursement guidelines and other useful information regarding your stay in Brussels.

Please know we have limited spots available for these training sessions.


JEF Europe will be responsible to provide accommodation and meals during the days of the training sessions, as well as reimburse your travels within an established limit.

Any other expenses will not be reimbursed or covered by JEF Europe.

If you have any questions regarding this call please contact ines.consonni@jef.eu


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Training and Consultancy in Diversity and Inclusion

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Spyros Papadatos

Spyros is a youth worker and NFE trainer, active in the youth field since 2014 in the local and European levels. He was president of AEGEE-Europe and has been delivering NFE activities since 2018. He holds a master degree on European studies and currently is working as Secretary General of Rural Youth Europe.

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