JEF Europe was at the EYE!

JEF Europe has just been to EYE on the 9th and 10th of June!

This was an opportunity for us to engage young people from across Europe in the EurHope campaign and invite them to reflect on what is their hope for the future of Europe. 

At the same time, JEF Europe promoted the entire organisation, its history and vision for a federalist Europe, putting a strong focus on the work of our sections as well as  our ongoing projects and campaigns. 

We also organised three insightful events in the EYE village with a different array of speakers. Our first one, focused on young people in politics. Amongst the many topics which were discussed together with participants, our speakers, Ines Holzegger, Vice President of LYMEC, Stevie Valles Executive Director from Chicago Votes and MEP  Mohammed Chahim, it was explored how can young people impactfully engage in politics through a federalist approach for the future of Europe. This conversation was led by Christelle Savall, Vice President of JEF Europe. 

JEF Europe then went on to deliver two different workshops. One led by our members from JEF Estonia, Selbi Komekova, Susie McAdam and Benedetta Veneruso, which focused on digitalisation and democracy engaging participants in a common reflection of how their communities and Europe as a whole could benefit from this. 

We concluded our activities by doing a workshop in cooperation with Gilda Isernia, Projects and Research Officer from OBESSU, and Stevie Valles from Chicago Votes, moderated by Gergana Blazheva, Executive Board member at JEF Europe. Here the speakers addressed the challenge of first time voters and why young people might be disengaged from going to the ballot, as well as the issues they rally around. 

Events such as the EYE are powerful moments that display the activism and engagement of young people in shaping the present and future of Europe, showing that this is a commitment across borders and shared between organisations. 

JEF Europe aims to keep striving for a federalist future for Europe based on democracy, freedom and human rights. 

JEF Europe would like to thank the European Parliament for once again inviting us to be one of the co-organisers of the EYE and bringing with us a group of young JEFers from across Europe!