Summer trainings - get ready for the European elections 2024!

Call for trainers

Mobilise Europe = Engaging Together - Training series on debating

Online & in-situ June-September 2023

JEF Europe will be offering a series of training opportunities for skills and capacity building for young people to engage in the upcoming European elections. Please find all the details below.

MEET Project

JEF Europe is looking for non-formal education trainers to facilitate a series of training activities supported by the European Commision. These training activities are carried out in the context of the project MEET which also counts with the partnership and participation of the European Youth Forum, AGE Platform Europe and The Assembly of European Regions (AER), among other partners.

You can find more information about the project, the details of the training sessions and the application form link below. 

About MEET

With Europe at a crossroads at the end of the Conference on the Future of Europe and in the middle of the implementation of the Green Deal and Digitalisation agenda, active European citizens must be at the forefront. In the period before the upcoming European Elections MEET will offer space for diverse groups of European citizens to bring Europe to local level through a diverse set of activities encouraging continuous activism and interaction with European politicians. MEET will meaningfully contribute by 2024 to a depolarised and less-tense democratic space. This will allow more participation and more respect/understanding of others positions, ultimately helping revive the flagging belief in democracy as a system.

One of the objectives of the project, which this call covers, is to train European citizens on how to debate and how to organise debates across Europe. As such, it is expected for participants of these training sessions to acquire debating skills and have a closer view of Europe and the outcomes of the Conference on the Future of Europe as well as the priorities of the European Union set in the Democracy Action Plan and Citizenship Report. Furthermore, participants should be able to improve their organisational skills, how to react in sensitive situations and practise debating skills on a practical example (e.g.: how COVID changed the democracy concept of Europeans).

The lasting impact of the project would be that young and older participants and their families have an increased feeling of connectedness to each other and the European project, which might lead them to become (more) active European citizens.

About the in-situ trainings in Hungary, Italy and Belgium* MEET project

The objectives of the in-situ training sessions are as follows:

  • During June and September 2023 (dates to be confirmed and aligned with trainers), trainers are expected to deliver three in-person capacity building training which equip participants with the skills and knowledge to debate and organise debates across Europe
  • Build guidelines on how to debate based on an inclusive, diverse, equal and intergenerational approach which should include, but are not limited to: how to listen, non-violent communication, how to build your argument, how to research different sides of one issue or topic, how to organise debate contests, inclusive standards to select winners in a debate contest
  • Discuss and and raise awareness amongst participants from across Europe on the main topics which concern people across the continent and which they consider to be important to bring to debates and the public sphere

These sessions should be designed and prepared in advance together with the project team at JEF Europe. Also, trainers need to follow the Code of Conduct of JEF Europe throughout the sessions. Additionally, trainers should share the training materials with participants, as well as share an individual evaluation webform as that is part of the reporting. Finally, while the flow of sessions can be adapted depending on the audience, the content should remain the same. 

JEF Europe is looking for 1 senior trainer for these events and 3 local junior trainers ideally based in Belgium, Hungary and Italy

*The locations for the in-situ training sessions may suffer changes, but they are set to happen in a EU country

About the online trainings MEET project

The objectives and standards of the online training sessions remain the same as for the in-situ. Nonetheless, the content and approach should be adapted based on an online setting. 

The trainers are expected to prepare 6 online  training sessions which should prepare participants to develop skills and knowledge on how to debate and organise debates across Europe. These sessions are divided into two bulks:

  • Three online sessions which will be a part of a wider online course on your engagement and activism during the EU elections – June
  • Three sessions which will be delivered in a hybrid format throughout July and September

JEF Europe is looking for 1 senior trainer for this activity. 

Selection criteria for trainers MEET project

  • Experience in implementing and facilitating activities using non-formal methodologies.
  • Ability to contribute to work in an intercultural team with an intergenerational approach.
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English.
  • For junior trainers for the in-situ training sessions you will have to be based in Belgium, Hungary or Italy
  • Expertise in, or knowledge of, one or more of the following areas: 
    • Preparing and delivering online and/or in-person sessions on debating and debating organising
    • Expertise or/and experience on non-violent communication, rhetoric, 
    • Expertise or/and experience in building trainings with a base on diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Priority in the recruitment will be given to the current members of the Pool of Trainers of JEF Europe members, but non-members are highly encouraged to apply to this call. 

Responsibilities of the trainer MEET project

  • Get familiar with the project.
  • Attend online preparatory meetings with the organisers.
  • Prepare session outlines  and facilitate in person or online sessions using non-formal education techniques.
  • Conduct an evaluation with the coordinator during the training and a final evaluation after the event.
  • Prepare a final report 15 days after the training at the latest.

Contract conditions MEET project

  • The trainer fee for the senior trainer is €100 per working day and for junior trainers is  €60 per working day
    • The senior trainer for the in-situ training sessions would receive a total €1500 
    • The junior trainers for the in-situ training sessions would receive €400 euros per session 
    • The senior trainer for the online training sessions would receive a total of €500
  • Online platform access and tools will be provided by the organisers if needed.
  • Accommodation, food and travel costs will be covered for the in-person events. 
  • The trainer fee will be paid after the completion of the service including report for the delivered activities and upon the presentation of an invoice by the trainer. 

How to apply for MEET?

Please apply by completing the application webform: APPLICATION FORM

The deadline to apply is the 4th of June 23.59 CEST,  and all applicants will be contacted until the 6th of June. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to