Call for trainers: Online Training on the European Youth Goals

21-24 April 2021, Online

JEF Europe is looking for a trainer to join 2 other trainers in developing and facilitating a training on European Youth Goals that will be held online from the 21st to the 24th of April, 2021. The training is an activity of the project “Y-FED: Europe is what we make of it”. The three trainers will be responsible for the preparation and the implementation of the training session, as well as the preparation of a report containing the main lessons shared during the training.

About Y-FED

The project “Y-FED: Europe is what we make of it” aims to bring the EU closer to its young citizens by developing a proposal for an improved institutional framework of the Union in line with the European Youth Goals. The initiative, supported by an Erasmus+ “European Youth Together” grant, will be implemented in the years 2020-2021 through a series of capacity-building training courses, public policy hackathons, a large-scale simulation of a reformed EU and advocacy actions. The project partners comprise 18 civil society organisations as well as 2 networks of European and regional decision-makers.

One of Y-Fed’s main objectives is Raise awareness of the European Youth Goals (EYGs) and support their implementation by embedding them in the reformed EU institutional model and bringing them from the European to the local level. Therefore, JEF Europe is organizing the Online Training on European Youth Goals.

About the training

The European Youth Goals training will be held online, for 3 days, gathering 30 young people from all over Europe. The training aims to introduce the 11 European Youth Goals as part of the current European Youth Strategy and how young people can be engaged, empowered and involved in the EU Youth Dialogue to address their relevance to the youth advocacy space on the local, national and European levels.

European Youth Goals are

      1. Connecting EU with Youth
      2. Equality of All Genders
      3. Inclusive Societies
      4. Information & Constructive Dialogue
      5. Mental Health & Wellbeing
      6. Moving Rural Youth Forward
      7. Quality Employment for All
      8. Quality Learning
      9. Space and Participation for All
      10. Sustainable Green Europe
      11. Youth Organisations & European Programmes

Services and responsibilities of the trainers

    • Preparing the training, content, and material needed to perform the training: In the period between the selection of trainers and the start of the training, the trainers will contribute to the planning and organisation of the the training including: the distribution of the sessions throughout the training days, the identification and setting of the online learning platform for performing the training, the identification of the content to be shared in each sessions, and the outline of a list of useful readings and any other relevant preparatory material to be shared with trainees before the start of the training.
    • Running and facilitating the training sessions: Trainers will be in charge of the conduction and facilitation of the online training.
    • Reporting of the training outcomes: After the completion of the training, trainers shall provide a report on the activity containing the topics presented during the course, discussion questions and remarkable insights for the project.


    • Ability and experience to develop an education approach based on the principles and values of non-formal education.
    • Previous experience in organising and implementing trainings on similar topics
    • Good understanding of the European Youth Goals and their approaches of implementation.
    • Knowledge of the European Youth Strategy 2019-2027.
    • Be familiar with online platforms
    • Ability to work in an intercultural team of experts and trainers.
    • Be able to communicate in a proficiency level of English.

Contract Conditions

After the completion of the service, each trainer will be paid a total 600 EUR for the services provided.

How to apply?

Please fill out the application form below by the 7th of April 2021. The selected trainer will start working on the preparation of the training from the 12th of April 2021 together with the rest of the 2 trainers that are already selected.

Link to the Application Form: OR directly below:

If you have any questions feel free to contact

Elitsa Hadzhieva, Project Officer

Young European Federalists

Rue d’Arlon 53, 1040 Brussels