Press Release | JEF mobilises for a weekend for EurHope ahead of European elections

Brussels, 30.05.2024

Key points:

  • JEF Europe organises a final EurHope weekend of mobilisation of all its sections across the EU on 1-2 June 2024, ahead of the 6-9 June European elections.
  • This weekend marks the final step of the Go to vote phase of the EurHope campaign aimed at raising election turnout building on the EurHope consultation results.
  • It concludes the successful EurHope consultation which gathered 1.5 million votes of young Europeans and the engagement of the Agenda of Hope policy priorities of young people with european political parties, politicians, institutions, and civil society organisations.

With the European elections around the corner, it is time to bring the EurHope campaign to the streets one last time and encourage Europeans to get out to vote for EurHope in the upcoming European elections! This is why JEF Europe is mobilising its local, regional and national EU sections to turn the weekend of 1-2 June into a weekend for EurHope. 

By organising demonstrations, holding civic education activities on squares, sticking posters and stickers across town or handing out flyers, JEF volunteers are putting all their efforts into nudging those still undecided about their vote to go to the European polling stations and vote for EurHope for the future. 

“Time to vote. Our weekend for EurHope mobilises young people across the EU to get citizens of all ages to vote for the EurHope they want. After putting the priorities of young people for EU reforms to the frontstage, we call on citizens to use their vote for hope, for a more united and democratic Union”, says Christelle Savall, President of JEF Europe

More than a year after the launch of the EurHope campaign and the mobilisation of young people from all over the EU via more than 5,000 proposals and 1.5 million votes in the EurHope online consultation organised together with, the elections to the European Parliament on 6-9 June mark the culmination of this campaign. 

The Agenda of Hope, the 15 policy priorities of young people, together with contributions from civil society, have contributed decisively to putting priorities of young people for the future of Europe at the centre of political debate and for political parties to position themselves on them, as accessible on our EurHope website.

JEF Europe calls on its activists and all citizens to be loud and visible to help raise election turnout and push our ideas for our federal future. Join our street and online actions in EU’s cities between 1-2 June and call for people to use their vote between 6-9 June for the EurHope we want.

About JEF Europe

The Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) is a political youth NGO advocating for the creation of a democratic European federation as a guarantee for peace, the rule of law and human rights. JEF Europe promotes true European citizenship, works for the widening and deepening of the European Union and strives for a more just and integrated society on the European continent. Established in 1972, the organisation has more than 10,000 activists organised in over 250 national, regional and local sections in 35 countries.

About EurHope

JEF Europe, together with, launched EurHope, a participatory campaign ahead of the 2024 European Elections, supported by a coalition of more than 40 actors. In its first phase, the campaign gathered 1.5 million votes from across the EU and more than 5,000 proposals were submitted to the multilingual online platform ( The Agenda of Hope, regrouping 15 priorities of young people, statistically significant, was presented to European political parties and politicians. For each proposal, JEF Europe wrote, together with other civil society organisations, the reforms and steps needed to implement those priorities. The last phase of the initiative is dedicated to an offline and online campaign, to get young people to go vote.

Discover more on our Eurhope website