REVIVE Local Actions Micro-granting

Dear REVIVE participants and JEF sections,

We are pleased to share that through the REVIVE Work Plan 2023 project JEF Europe will be funding a second round of local activities across Europe.

What is REVIVE?

JEF’s Work Plan 2023 REVIVE stands for Revitalising Voices of Youth In Europe. It is a project that responds to the first priority of the Council of Europe Youth Sector for 2022-25, ‘Revitalising pluralistic democracies’. It combines actions that focus on supporting young people’s participation in political life, raising awareness about the shrinking of youth civic spaces and supporting youth participation in strengthening effective, accountable and inclusive democratic institutions. At the same time, it takes into consideration the outcomes of the 2022 Democracy here | Democracy now campaign, including JEF’s contribution to it, the European Democratic Academy as well as the Joint Council on Youth of the Council of Europe recommendations, whose implementation is among the WP23 priorities.  


The main aim of REVIVE is to enhance the situation of youth civic spaces in Europe through building capacities of young people and supporting the implementation of the new Council of Europe Recommendation on protecting youth civil society and young people.  


  1. To promote the new Council of Europe Recommendation on protecting youth civil society and young people by raising awareness of the recommendations and developing the skills of young people to implement it.
  2. To equip young people with the competences to act for safeguarding civic space especially in countries where youth civic spaces are particularly under pressure through a series of capacity-building training courses.  
  3. To promote the exchange of good practices among young people across Europe on how to act for safeguarding youth civic spaces through a series of training courses and a concluding event. 

The main aim of the micro-grants:

As part of the 4th phase of the REVIVE project, micro-granting serves as an impactful means for volunteers on the ground to employ the newly-acquired skills through the project. The main goal of these micro-grants is to fund local actions that foster youth advocacy and participation in civic spaces, as well as multiply the learnings, connections and the ideas that emerged during the seminars that took place in Budapest, Lublin and Bucharest. Activities focusing on promoting the engagement and safeguarding of youth civic spaces are of particular interest for this call and the actions can include demonstrations, small local trainings, meetings with decision-makers, online social media communication campaigns and initiatives among other ideas you might have.

Application process

All participants to the previous REVIVE activities, as well as JEF Europe sections can apply, from local to regional and national level. We encourage the REVIVE participants who are not part of JEF sections to reach out to your nearest JEF local section, in order to implement the action together while receiving logistical support from more experienced JEF volunteers. Activities must take place in Council of Europe countries due to the nature of funding. The local action must be fully funded on its own by the micro-grant (co-funding this local action is not allowed) and it must be strictly related to the topic of youth civic spaces.

To apply, you will have to fill this online form:


The final deadline for applications is the 8th of October 2023 23:59 CET. 

The selection committee will choose a maximum of 5 applications based on needs and motivation that will benefit the most from this project. The maximum amount of grant is 500 EUR per activity. 

Local actions must take place between October and December. No cost incurred after December can be considered as eligible for the grant.

Financing instalments:

After a successful application, the selected sections/participants will have to fill a payment request for pre-financing 50% of the allocated grant for the activity. Upon successful implementation and duly reporting to JEF Europe, the second instalment will be sent.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Alex Gomez Bedmar and Michela Procoli via email before the deadline: &