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DIRECT Local Actions, Open Call

Thank you for being interested in applying for a microgrant to realize your own local action within the DIRECT project. 

Please make sure to read through this open call, before proceeding to filling in the application below.


The DIRECT project, led by JEF Spain with JEF Europe as its partner, is an Erasmus+ funded project with the goal of enhancing digital skills among young people aged 16 to 35. Aligned with the strategic priorities of the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027), the project places a special emphasis on reaching young participants facing fewer opportunities due to economic and social barriers, in line with the Erasmus+ Inclusion and Diversity Strategy.


Following the Digital Rights Capacity Building Seminar in Tallinn, young people dedicated to creating change in the field of digitalization, have the opportunity to submit their own project proposals to be implemented in their local environments. The goal of implementing local actions through this microgranting-scheme, is to empower local communities of young people by increasing their knowledge about European and national digital rights, and a safer digital world.


📅 To apply to receive the microgrant your event has to take place between 20 October (the earliest) and 15 December. 

💸 The maximum amount of money one project can receive is 750 Euros. In this application form you will have to send in a draft budget, that has to outline what this money will be spent on. During the evaluation process, project coordinators can decide that you will receive less money that you have requested, in this case you will have to adjust your budget accordingly.

✅ We have created a BUDGET TEMPLATE for you. You can use this to create your budget, if you haven’t yet prepared one.

💸 50% of your financing will be transferred in advance of your activity, while the remaining 50% will be paid upon presenting a report and accompanying invoices.

💸 After completing your activity, you will have to provide us with a short report (this will be sent to you once you are rewarded with the grant), and you will also have to keep and send us every proof of expense. (invoices, contracts with service providers etc)

💸 It is important that only a legal entity can receive the microgrant (like JEF Spain for example).

💻 Only those projects can be supported, that are connected to the goals of the DIRECT project and digital rights. 

🙆‍♀️ You will have to aim to include disadvantaged young people from your local environments to ensure that the project reaches out to those who are most affected by rights violations.

✅ You are also asked to disseminate our Digital Rights Survey amongst your participants and on your platforms. 

🟢 Please, note that during your activities the Code of Conduct of JEF Europe applies.

 You may apply by filling in this application form by the 1st of October 2023 23.59 CEST at the latest.


When evaluating your project proposal, we will take into account the following criteria:

💡 Creativity: Try to think outside of the box and plan an activity that is unique and exciting.

🕰 Realistic: 750 EUR is a lot of money, but is not enough for everything. Try to stay within your limits, and also evaluate your teams’ availability in these upcoming months. If everyone is super busy, do not plan something that is very complicated and big. More is less sometimes 🙂

🙆 Inclusivity: Make sure to involve young people with lesser opportunities in your project. Try to define an exact target group, as you will not be able to include all minority groups with the same inclusion strategy. You will also have to think about inclusivity at every step of the project from planning, promotion to evaluation.

💻 Relevance: We will assess how well your project is connected to digital rights. Try to discover the angle you are truly interested in. If you are lacking inspiration, go through the DIRECT website or the resources of the Seminar first 🙂

🙋‍♀️ Reach: Try to reach as many young people as possible, but also stay realistic. (When planning a workshop or a training, you shouldn’t have more than 30 people in the same room as it will hinder the chance to active participation etc)

💬 In case you have any questions, please write an email to