Project Summary

The Check’Europe project started from an observation that many misunderstandings about the European Union and false information on this subject are relayed by the press and the media in general. Thus, many citizens say they are confronted with fake news (at least once a week for 68% of people polled, according to Eurobarometer 464 on fake news and disinformation).

We, therefore, find that there are very few resources to help people tell the truth about fake news and not enough tools to counter it. The project aims to teach the target audience to recognize fake news, read European news, understand it and raise the critical spirit of citizens so that they subsequently become actors in the fight against fake news.

Aims and goals

The project aims to give the keys of understanding to the European citizens so that they can not only identify fake news, but also become full actors of the fight against them. The project is led by JEF-France, with JEF-Europe as a partner. The French edition of the JEF web magazine, Le Taurillon, works closely with the project.

Based on the experience of Le Taurillon, JEF-France and other project partners want to give media and information literacy a real transnational and European dimension to promote citizens’ resilience against misinformation.

Implementation and activities

The project sets up a training cycle that includes three seminars on the European media and two European parliamentary simulations.

Three dissemination events will be organised: a European conference on journalism, an event presenting a publication on teaching materials, and a live marathon on Twitch.

Partners and roles

JEF Europe (Young European Federalists) is a political youth NGO which campaigns for the creation of a democratic European federation, guarantor of peace, the rule of law and human rights. JEF Europe promotes genuine European citizenship, works to broaden and deepen the European Union and strives to create a more just and integrated society on the European continent. Founded in 1972, the organization has over 10,000 activists organized into more than 250 national, regional and local chapters in 31 countries.

Les Jeunes Européens – France brings together more than 1,100 young people aged 16 to 35, all committed to a Europe that is more integrated and closer to its citizens. Through concrete actions, they want to bring the debate on Europe to life, exchange views and raise young people’s awareness of European values. The project is coordinated with the Taurillon team , a participatory newspaper for young Europeans – France. With a pro-European and transpartisan editorial line, it offers the possibility to all European citizens, whatever their background, to express themselves and cover European news in all its richness and diversity. It exists in 6 other language editions.

Madmoizelle is a committed, inclusive, sassy women’s magazine that aims to reflect all generations of women. Since 2005, Madmoizelle informs its readers in search of societal, cultural or personal information. With more than 6 million visits per month, the magazine has 6 youtube channels, a Twitch channel and a strong presence on social networks.

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is an NGO working at the national level in North Macedonia. Its objective is to promote dialogue between young people and civil society. Its work focuses on all aspects of interest to young people through information, social integration and civic actions, the animation of communities and networks, assistance with research and support for the development of policies. .

Are We Europe is a non-profit media organization founded in 2016. It publishes a European print and online magazine, also called Are We Europe, and runs a foundation that supports cross-border journalism in Europe. It has offices in Brussels and Amsterdam. Its network of contributors across the European continent produces, through various formats, stories and reports on what it means to be European and offers a transnational point of view of the news.

UEH Hungary is the national section of the Union of European Federalists. It promotes a more united and interconnected Europe. It defends further integration, the well-being of European citizens and the European Union’s leading role at world level

Coordinators and contact persons

Erica Beccarello, Communication Officer

Young European Federalists

Rue des Deux Églises 14, 1000 Brussels

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