Digital Rights in Europe: why are we talking about it? 

Engaging Youth on creating a safer digital world

Project summary

The DIRECT project, led by JEF Madrid with JEF Europe as it’s partner, is an Erasmus+ funded project with the goal of enhancing digital skills and competence development among young people aged 16 to 35. Aligned with the strategic priorities of the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027), the project places a special emphasis on reaching young participants facing fewer opportunities due to economic and social barriers, in line with the Erasmus+ Inclusion and Diversity Strategy.

At its core, the DIRECT project aims to empower young individuals to comprehend and implement digital rights regulations in their everyday lives. This objective is a response to the European Commission’s call for a declaration of digital rights and principles to guide the digital transformation in the EU.

To achieve its mission, the project involves pro-European youth associations, intending to engage young people from more than 32 countries, reaching a participant base of over 12,000 individuals. By creating a platform for debate and learning, the project empowers young people to actively shape digital principles that promote a human-centered, inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable digital society, upholding European values.

Ensuring inclusivity and fairness, the project employs objective indicators such as the educational levels of participants and their parents. Additionally, subjective input from participants is sought regarding the obstacles they have encountered and the opportunities they have received. By incorporating these perspectives, the project aims to equip young people with the necessary tools to participate in shaping the digital transformation and advocating for democratic values and fundamental rights in the online world.

Aims and goals

  • Promote civic engagement and social inclusion of young people through online and offline training activities on digital rights.
  • Develop an online and accessible training platform on European digital principles, and the Spanish and French experiences of binding digital rights regulation; defining resources that can be used for further learning, and for staying protected while using the internet.
  • Generate a set of pedagogical tools and materials to discuss and to develop young people’s critical thinking on the topic, hosted in the project’s website.
  • Collect a minimum of one youth-focused policy recommendation per country on digital rights, as well as one common recommendation based on the feedback given by the project participants on these regulations and know-how developed during the project.

Implementation and activities

Help us advance young people’s knowledge about digital rights!

As part of the Erasmus+ project DIRECT (Digital Rights in Europe Citizenship Today), we are researching challenges that young people experience surrounding digital rights and online security. 

Our goal is to develop the skills and knowledge of young people on digital rights and its impact on their daily lives. In addition, the project aims at disseminating information on the safe use of digital technologies.

Share your learning experiences about online security and your rights in the online sphere with us by taking this 5 minute long survey, and contribute to the creation of needs-based, free learning materials on your digital rights!


Partners and roles

JEF Madrid – Lead Partner
TalTech – Partner

Coordinators and contact persons

Zita Karacson, Project Consultant

Young European Federalists
Rue des Deux Églises 14
1000 Brussels, Belgium

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