Project Summary

JEF Europe joins forces with EURACTIV, EURACTIV Romania, and the Migration Policy Group to raise awareness on racial and ethnic discrimination thanks to MINDSET, a project financed by the European Commission. JEF Europe takes the lead in the inclusion of young people. Check out our analysis on their thinking in the report below and stay tuned for the opportunities for young journalists and youth workers to join the events in Italy, Romania and Sweden!

What happened so far?

In media trainings targeted at journalists in Sweden, Romania and Italy were trained on how discrimination based on ethnic origin influences their way of thinking and reporting. To provide a scientific background for the workshops for civil society organisations and Equality Bodies, JEF Europe conducted a study on the regional attitudes towards ethnic discrimination. Euractiv together with the Migration Policy Group published a  Survey analysis on the needs of equality bodies and civil society organisations.  

Next steps

Both research studies will make sure the workshops for journalists and civil society organisations in summer/autumn 2021 in Italy, Romania and Sweden will be valuable and bring together experts from different fields to work on discrimination based on ethnic origin together.

Curious on our findings?

JEF Europe published a report on Mapping regional attitudes on discrimination based on ethnic
origin in Italy, Sweden & Romania. Here we asked more than 500  young participants from Italy, Sweden and Romania about their opinion on how discrimination is happening in their country and what groups are mainly affected.

Notably, the aim and degree of discrimination varied across different countries, and often changed according to the scope and demographics found in the countries in question. Countries more connected to Sinti & Roma communities faced more discrimination related to national minority groups or migratory backgrounds. Furthermore, this study outlined that the media has a significant impact on the way in which we perceive, report and react towards discrimination, and it also impacts the methods and means in which we can raise awareness against discriminatory acts.

Download our report on discrimination based on ethnic origin in Italy, Sweden & Romania

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