Mobilise Europe = Engaging Together (MEET)

Regional debates across Europe for JEF National and Candidate JEF Sections

Deadline extended

Dear JEF sections,

We are pleased to share that through the Mobilise Europe = Engaging Together (MEET) project JEF Europe will be co-organising and funding four regional debates across Europe

What is MEET?

With Europe at a crossroads at the end of the Conference on the Future of Europe and in the middle of the implementation of the Green Deal and Digitalisation agenda, active European citizens must be at the forefront. In the period before the upcoming European Elections MEET will offer space for diverse groups of European citizens to bring Europe to local level through a diverse set of activities encouraging continuous activism and interaction with European politicians. MEET will meaningfully contribute by 2024 to a depolarised and less-tense democratic space. This will allow more participation and more respect/understanding of others positions, ultimately helping revive the flagging belief in democracy as a system.

This call focuses on the regional debates within MEET. The debates are split into three elements – training sessions to prepare citizens and equip them with enough knowledge, local debates, serving as the main implementation of the learnings and active process to debate and practise the new skills and a European debate as a follow-up, inviting the winners of the previous debates to debate together and share their opinions and ideas. The methodology of the elements is as follows; interactive online training sessions combined with a blended approach, non-formal education on European policies, reading of CoFoE outcome briefings, training sessions on soft skills; debating competition, moderated dialogue of people from different backgrounds, experience exchange, sharing ideas and values.

The lasting impact of the project would be that young and older participants and their families have an increased feeling of connectedness to each other and the European project, which might lead them to become (more) active European citizens.

Details on the regional debates

  1. JEF Europe will provide debate training sessions for participants before the regional debates take place
  2. The regional debate should take place before the end of September 2023 and the JEF section will have to send on time all the documentation and information for reporting to the Project Officer of JEF Europe
  3. JEF Europe will fund the regional debate within an established budget
  4. The JEF section should ensure the participation of more than 77 people in the regional debate from one to three different countries of residence and gender-balanced 
  5. The JEF section has to co-organise regional debate training sessions before the regional debates take place 
  6. The JEF section is responsible to promote the regional debate locally
  7. The JEF section is also responsible to organise and prepare the logistics of the event (venue, meals, accommodation, etc.)
  8. The JEF section is responsible to coordinate with Project Officer from JEF Europe responsible for the MEET project, as well share updates 
  9. The JEF section is responsible to keep all receipts and track of the expenses related to the organisation of the regional debate
  10. The JEF section is responsible to ensure that all participants in the regional debate and debate training session register through a participation list and keep track of that list and store it safely. These lists should then be shared with the Project Officer of JEF Europe
  11. The JEF section will have to create a working plan in which describes how and when it will organise the debate 
  12. The JEF section has to launch a call for participants for the regional debates. The selected participants have to join preparatory sessions before the regional debate takes place
  13. The JEF section has to subscribe and support the implementation of the code of conduct of JEF Europe 

Application Process

All national sections of JEF can apply, as well as candidate sections.

To apply, you will have to fill this online form.

The last part of the online form is a SWOT analysis to help us to understand the strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities of your JEF section considering the deliverables of this activity (e.g.: number of participants). Please fill the SWOT analysis carefully, so we can better understand the current status of your team. We will be sending feedback to all sections, regardless if they have been selected or not. 

The selection committee will choose four sections based on needs and motivation that will benefit the most from this project. 

Following this first part of the application process, you will be expected to draft an initial proposal on how you plan to organise and deliver the regional debate you will be assigned. 

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to the Project Officer Ines Consonni via email before the deadline: